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Collection #1

1.  Mr. Honest, one of the regular guests on "Madame's Place" has received another love poem 
from someone who has been watching the show.  So he stops by Madame's mansion to see if she
will let him make a special appeal on the show to whomever has been sending him the poems.
Those of us who have followed the program knows full well that the poems were sent by
Bernadette Van Gilder, Madame's personal assistant.  During her show, Alice Ghostley stops
by the set for a special visit with Madame, which brings out their true feelings for each other.
Then later, quite by accident Pinkerton leaves Madame in the sauna all night!


2.  Madame's loyal assistant Bernadette has left her to go work for one of her least
favorite friends, and so Madame goes to great lengths to get her back!  As the show 
draws to a close, Madame has taken to her bed with a case of "talk show flu" which 
causes a crisis for her show.



3.  Making a special appearance on "Solid Gold" Lisa Hartman visits with Madame!
They have a great time together! 


4.  Returning to "Madame's Place" two of her biggest fans sneak into her mansion and
pretend to be working for "Mansion Beautiful" so they can get to meet the legendary
star!  After they confess that they aren't who they claimed to be, they hide in her
mansion!  Leaving Madame with the challenge of convincing them to return home.


5.  Pinkerton has written a tell all detailing his years with Madame and it's slipped into the wrong
hands!  And now he must decide whether to accept the money and reveal his past relationship
with Madame, or remain her trusted loyal friend.


6. Sarah Joy feels it's time to leave the comfort of Madame's Place, and go in search
of a place of her own.  During a hilarious moment from her show, Madame agrees to take 
part in a magic trick that finds her being sawed in half!  While she is inside the box, a 
gentleman steps from behind the curtain and surprises her by saying she is the next 
guest of the highly popular "This is YOUR LIFE!" show!


Collection #2

1.  With Madame under the weather with the flu, her trusted assistant Bernadette
fills in for her as guest host of her show.  Which turns out to be a disaster!


2.  While Pinkerton is away on vacation, one of Madame's long lost relatives comes to pay 
a visit!  They are having a great time, until Madame accidentally says the wrong thing
and he suddenly transforms into "Bette Davis!"  Which stuns everyone!  After he stirs things
up on the set of Madame's Place he spends the evening with Pinkerton, who is unaware 
that it's really Charlie.  The role of Miss Davis is played to perfection by famed
impressionist "Charles Pierce."


3.  One day while out on her own, Sarah Joy recorded a demo record which leaves
Madame absolutely in a fit that she spent all her savings on it.  Failing to believe in her
talent, Madame makes her feel like she isn't worthy and so Sarah decides to go back
home.  Later Madame realizes the error she has made and sends Bernadette to go
and get her before the bus leaves.  Madame's special guest for the evening during
her show is the wonderful "Phyllis Diller!"


4.  During a special segment from the Jim J. and Tammy Faye Show, they
featured a collector who lives in Hollywood, who had purchased an
"original" Madame puppet from Wayland's estate.  As the gentleman
talks about the assorted things he has purchased over the years, we
learn that the Madame he purchased for $5,000 is one of only four
that Wayland ever created.  Which is absolutely fascinating.


5.  Gone but not forgotten, a new "Madame" reappeared on the updated version
of "Hollywood Squares."


6.  Dipping into the past, we are treated to a few minutes with the
original "Madame" as she appeared on an episode of "Hollywood Squares" 
back in the day.


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