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1.  During a very special tribute to Kenny Rogers, he is honored by several of his friends,
"Dottie West" "Lionel Richie" "Melissa Manchester" and "Mac Davis" on the 10th annual
"American Music Awards."

2.  Making a wonderful appearance on Nashville Now, Shelly sings a spirited
version of the song, "Now there's you."

3.  Appearing on Nashville Now, Dottie performs two wonderful selections, and
unfortunately since I'm not familiar with her recordings, I can't really mention the
titles, but one of them has the line: "You pick me up . . . turn me around, and then
walk right out of my life."  The other song, sounds like it might be, "I believe we're
in love."  For some reason, there wasn't an interview with her, just the two songs,
maybe Ralph spent too much time with her, talking about her "Judy Garland" jacket!


4.  On a special tribute to Ralph Emery, Shelly talks fondly of her mother, and
her friendship with our guest of honor for the evening.


5.  "Entertainment Tonight" featured a special report on the life and career of
Dottie West, following her death.  Sprinkled throughout the interview, we are
treated to many images of the talented singer.
6.  Following her untimely death, Crook and Chase featured a short segment on Dottie,
which gave many of her dear friends the chance to share their thoughts.


7.  Returning to Nashville Now, Shelly sings a rousing rendition of her hit song,
"Jose Cuervo."  Afterwards, she relates an interesting story about 
her pet rabbit!

8.  On the 27th annual "Country Music Awards" they presented a special tribute to"Dottie."

9.  The Grand Old Opry featured a few moments from the past with Dottie, upon her passing.

10.  Upon her death, TNN presented an episode of the "Barbara Mandrell" show,
that featured "Dottie West."  Singing a wonderful rendition of the song, "Please
remember me," Dottie reminds us of her incredible talent!  Later in the program
she joins the Mandrell sisters for a gospel inspired medley.  Which is very nice.

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