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1. Appearing on "Public People, Private Lives" Vanessa speaks candidly
about the decisions that she has faced, throughout her life and career. She
touches upon the pictures that appeared in Penthouse, and how it affected
the relationship with her family. Which was perhaps the hardest aspect of
all, when it came to dealing with what happened. Shifting to the phenomenal
success of her career, Vanessa expresses that it all comes down to
following "your" dreams!

2. Singing "He's got the look" Vanessa makes a wonderful appearance
on Dick Clark's "Live" Wednesday program. As always, she looks "great!"

3. During a special edition of "Family Feud" devoted to The Grammys,
Vanessa joins "Dionne Warwick" "Gladys Knight" "Luther Vandross" "Little
Richard" and the "Manhattan Transfer" as the two teams, battle it out
for the top prize.

4. Expressing what it takes to be a "success" Vanessa talks about the
steps it takes to reach the top!  And then they present her brand
new video for the song, "He's got the look."

5. Performing "He's got the look" Vanessa makes a special appearance
on "Soul Train." As always, she looks great! When she visits with Don,
she touches upon her decision to record more "dance oriented" music,
opposed to the formal training that she originally received, that would
have taken her to Broadway. Later in the program, she returns to
sing the smash hit, "The Right Stuff."

6. Following the success of her album, Vanessa steps in front of the camera in
her very first movie role, in "Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes." Vanessa speaks
candidly about the part, and her discussion to play this part, as opposed
to others that she's been offered.

7. Performing her latest single, "Dreaming" on the Arsenio Hall show, Vanessa
looks absolutely "beautiful!" Slipping into the ballad, really gives her a chance
to showcase her incredible voice! After the break, she talks about many things!
Interestingly, the difference between herself and many of the other girl singers
out there today, and what makes her believe that she has "The Right Stuff!"
Closing the show, she performs another selection, "Whatever happens."

8. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Vanessa Williams, as she prepared
for her upcoming appearance on the Grammy Awards. Interestingly, their profile
begins with her putting the dishes away in her kitchen, while her father and
brother are seen reading the newspaper. So her "day" begins like everyone
else's, and she is no different. From there, they show her getting ready for
the evening and after the awards ceremony, her thought on not winning
a Grammy, unfortunately. She looks gorgeous!

9. "Hollywood Insider" profiled the talented superstar, with an exceptional
interview that basically focused on Vanessa's determination to follow
her dreams!

10. During an up close "Cover Story" devoted to Vanessa's life and career, we
are treated to an exceptional profile of the talented star! Wonderful "full" screen
moments, throughout! She looks "gorgeous!" She touches upon everything! And
she explains the reasons behind the choices she has made, and her plans for the
future! This is a really great "cover story!"

11. Stopping by the set of "Later with Bob Costas" Vanessa shares with us, another side
of herself, as she answers the typical line of questions, but with greater depth and
insight. Which makes this particular interview "refreshing." She covers "everything!"
With a major emphasis on the whole beauty pageant system. Shifting their conversation
to her current endeavors, Bob asks her when she knew that she had reached the point,
of finding her way back. She talks about the choices that she has made in the music
business, from the material that performs, to the image that she presents on screen.
A very nice interview!

12. Making a very short appearance on the show, "After Hours"
Vanessa looks sensational!

13. Drawing things to a close, we are treated to Vanessa's
music video, "Dreaming."
Collection # 2

1. Appearing on the 23rd annual NAACP Awards, Natalie Cole and Vanessa
Williams introduce a tribute to Sarah Vaughan.

2. Returning to the Arsenio Hall show, Vanessa heats things up with a
sensational version of "Running back to you." She looks ABSOLUTELY! "gorgeous!"
And I do mean - "absolutely!" She has the crowd on their feet, enjoying every
minute of it! Slowing things down a bit, Vanessa sings a sultry rendition of the
title track of her cd, "The Comfort Zone." She is so BEAUTIFUL! Joining Arsenio
after the break, they talk about the success of her brand new cd! It's been
several years since Vanessa was last on the program, and so there's plenty to
talk about! In discussing her newest release, she mentions that this time around
she was involved in the project on all levels.

3. Vanessa and Denzel Washington welcome those in attendence to the
1989 NAACP Awards. Vanessa looks beautiful! They present the first award
of the evening.

4. Looking radiant, Vanessa presents the award for "New Pop Artist" on the
1991 Billboard Music Awards.

5. Stopping by the "Tonight Show" Vanessa performs a stirring rendition of "Save
the best for last." She looks so beautiful! After visiting with Jay for a few minutes,
Vanessa returns to the stage and performs "What will I tell my heart."

6. Looking absolutely beautiful, Vanessa joins her co-hosts on the 6th annual
Soul Train Music Awards. Slipping into something more revealing, Vanessa graces
the stage with a sultry version of "The comfort zone." Simply the best!

7. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the 6th Annual Soul Train Music
Awards, with a few seconds with the "hosts" backstage. Vanessa looks

8. Looking stylish, in her beautiful evening gown, Vanessa joins Michael
Bolton on the 34th annual Grammy Awards. They present "Song of the Year."

9. During a "special" BEHIND THE SCENES segment from the Oprah Winfrey
Show, we are treated an EXCEPTIONAL interview with Vanessa, that goes
beyond words! There are so many images! So many looks! As they feature
her during a "photo session" with Herb Ritts. On the set of her new
"music video" and while filming a segment for VH1. Plus, there are moments
with her on the beach with her family, and so much more! The interview
with Oprah is miles above all the others, that have come before. They
touch upon many things, and while there is a lightheartedness to the
interview, there is a depth there, that reveals another side to Vanessa
that we haven't seen before. Wonderful "full" screen moments, throughout
the whole show.


10. Music video for "Save the best for last."

11. Making a special "guest" appearance on the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" Vanessa
joins Vivian, as one of her friends - who's also expecting a baby! One thing leads to
the next, and with Will involved, you know it's going to be good!

12. Although she gave birth during her appearance on the "Fresh Prince"
it's clear to see that she's still pregnant, during her performance from the
35th Grammy Awards. Singing the "Save the best for last" Vanessa
looks beautiful!

13. Looking and sounding better than ever, Vanessa unveils her new cd!
Shown here in the studio, she talks candidly about the process of working on
the project, while appearing nightly on Broadway.

14. "Entertainment Tonight" catches up Vanessa again, as she puts the finishing
touches on a timeless "Christmas" classic.

15. Appearing on the 68th Academy Awards, Vanessa greets Oprah Winfrey
on the red carpet. Both of the ladies look beautiful! Later during the show,
Vanessa sings "Color of the wind." As always, she looks striking!

16. Stopping by the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Vanessa looks fabulous!
So full of energy! With a sparkle in her eye! She talks about her current
projects, including what it's like to work with Arnold.  During perhaps
one of the funniest moments of the Rosie O'Donnell Show, that I can ever
remember, Vanessa shows her the "stance" that she used in some of her
films, when pulling out a hand gun!  Vanessa is clearly the "pro" at this,
and Rosie tries her best to imitate Vanessa.

17. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Vanessa on the set of
"Hoods" for a very special moment, with the talented star!

18. While attending a benefit in Las Vegas, Vanessa looks "great!"

19. Lending her presence to the annual "Diamond Mystery Celebrity"
contest, Vanessa reveals that it was her wearing the diamond necklace, on
this episode of "Entertainment Tonight."

20. Dipping into the past, Vanessa performs a jazzy version of "What
will I tell my heart" on the Celebration at Ford's Theater. Dressed in a simple
black evening gown, she looks stunning!


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