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Video Collection #1

1.  Tammy steps to the stage and performs a rousing rendition of "Welcome to my
world."  After greeting everyone with such a fine opening number, Tammy
continues with the country favorite, "Another chance."  Touching upon some
of her other greatest hits, Tammy performs a wonderful medley!  Starting with, 
"Apartment #9" and continuing with "I don't want to play house" "Your good 
girl's gonna go bad" "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" "Singing my song" and showcasing the 
members of her band, Tammy ends the medley with a spirited version of 
the classic, "Rocky top."  After a short break, Tammy returns to the stage 
and sings a heartfelt version of "Love the world away."  Touching upon her
life growing up on the farm, and performing in church, Tammy sings "How 
great thou art" and "I'll fly away."  Drawing the show to a close, she 
performs her signature hit, "Stand by your man."  9/87



2.  Performing selections from her new album, "Higher Ground" Tammy makes a 
delightful appearance on the Nashville program, "New Country."  Stepping to the
stage, she performs a wonderful rendition of the song, "Your love." After a short
break, she mixes things up a bit, by singing several selections, one from the past,
and then another song from the new album, titled "You and me" and "Painted sky."
Dipping further into the past, she performs a rousing rendition of the hit song, 
"Another chance," which sets the stage for her next selection, "Higher Ground."  
As always it's a pleasure watching Tammy perform!  Closing the show, she 
slows things down, by performing a stirring rendition of the song, 
"I wasn't meant to live my life alone."  10/87
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  3.  Performing her signature tune, "Stand by your man" Tammy looks simply
radiant, as she steps to the "Nashville Now" stage.  Later as she visits with Ralph, 
she relates an interesting story about "Elvis Presley" from the early days of his
career.  Returning to the stage, Tammy performs a touching rendition of the 
song, "Talkin' to myself again."  As the show draws to a close, Tammy returns
to sing, "Your love."  10/87


4.  During Biography's "Stand by your dream ... The Tammy Wynette Story" 
we are given a rare opportunity to see the first "Lady of Country Music" as
never before!  Stepping to the stage, she performs an outstanding version of 
"My man understands" which is just one of the many hits, throughout her long
career.  As she visits with us, from her home in Nashville, she considers herself
very lucky, to have found something as enjoyable as the music business.

Upon celebrating her 44th Birthday, Tammy blows out the candles on her cake, while
being surrounded by her family and friends, at her home.  Stepping inside, the camera
passes by the fine furniture and the many awards, almost as if it's looking for a doorway
into her past.  Suddenly images of the place she grew up as a young girl come into focus,
and Tammy begins to share with us, what it was like working in the fields, picking cotton, 
and growing up on their family farm.  She relates that it wasn't easy, because most of the
work had to be done by hand, on account of the fact, they didn't have any modern 
equipment to do the work.  While struggling in the fields, she dreamed of being a 
"singer."  Which brings to mind a story of when she returned home and her 
grandfather couldn't believe that people would pay to hear her sing.  

Ironically, some things never seem to change, and Tammy touches upon this
thought, as she visits with her mother on the porch swing of the house in which
she was born.  As she takes us inside, the lights seem to dim, almost as if we are
stepping into another time and place.  While relating her father's love for music,
she touches the keyboard of the piano, which still sits within their home.  She 
explains that the piano was just one of many instruments that her father used 
to play, and with all of this music around her, it was only natural that she would 
perform songs for her family and sing in the church choir.  
Not far from the home in which Tammy grew up in as a young girl, still stands her
grandfather's house, that she moved into, when she began to raised her own two
daughters.  As the camera slowly shifts from room to room, we can easily imagine 
what it must have been like; patching the spaces in the walls with cardboard to
keep the cold winds from coming inside; gathering her milk and butter from the
spring, which kept it cool, because she didn't have a refrigerator.  As I mentioned
earlier, some things never change and so I'm sure with all of her success, these
images stayed with her forever.

Throughout the rest of the program, images of Tammy shift from one moment
of her life, into the next, but none of them is more "poignant" than her
appearance on the "Burt Reynolds" special.  Speaking very softly, she admits
that she would much rather visit with him, but he insists that she "sing" 
instead and so we are treated to a very touching rendition of her hit song, 
"You and me."  Believe me, when you see this particular moment, you'll be 
simply amazed by her presence!  As the show continues, Tammy touches 
upon many things, her feelings, her thoughts on the music which has filled
her life and so much more! 



5.  Looking simply radiant, Tammy makes a wonderful return to the set of 
"Nashville Now" singing a spirited version of "My man understands."
Tammy simply sparkles as she captures your attention!  During the
interview portion of the show, she talks lovingly of her children and
they have now have children of their own, which makes Tammy a
"grandma!"  Previewing two brand new songs on the program,
Tammy performs "The Note" and "Next to you."  Which continue
the tradition of "great Tammy Wynette ballads!"  11/88


Video Collection #2

1.  During an exceptional segment from TNN's "Celebrities Offstage" we are treated
to a wonderful "up close" interview with Tammy!  She absolutely sparkles!  Fantastic 
"full screen moments throughout!"  The program begins with Tammy walking down 
the aisle, as her daughter prepares to get married.  As Tammy reflects upon the 
ceremony, she confesses that she is surprised that anyone even listens to her, 
considering the number of times she has been married.  Throughout the interview
she touches upon many of the moments of her life, and later in the program, with
George by her side, he expresses his love and admiration for Tammy.  It's clear that
he loves her very much!  Inbetween the interview segments, we are given a 
"GRAND" tour of her home, which will leave you speechless!  3/89


2.  With the release of her 51st album, Tammy is hoping that her latest single,
"I thanked the cowboy for the ride" strikes gold!  Well, Tammy sure looks 
like a million dollars, during this interview!  4/89


3.  Looking simply radiant, Tammy makes a special appearance on "Good Morning
America" singing her latest single, "I thanked the cowboy for the ride."  After her
performance she visits with Joan Lunden and Charles Gibson, about her new album,
and what it's like traveling the countryside in her bus.  When she is asked how
she keeps on going, in spite of all the difficulties she has endured, Tammy
assures us, it's all about the "music."  5/89


4.  Appearing on the 23th Academy of Country Music Awards, Tammy presents
one of the awards of the evening.  9/89


5.  While speaking on the benefits of a good education, "Entertainment
Tonight" caught up with Tammy, as she lends her support for a charity in
George's hometown.


 6.  Stepping in front of the camera, Tammy unveils her new video for
"Let's call it a day today."


7.  With her name back in the spotlight, with her latest release, "Let's call it a day
today" Tammy sits down with "Entertainment Tonight" for a delightful moment, 
both in front of the camera, and also in the studio.


8.  Stepping to the stage at the Church Street Station in Nashville, Tammy performs
quite a few of her biggest hits!  Among them, "Welcome to my world" "Another chance" 
"I still believe in fairy tales" "I'll be over you, when the grass is over me" and 
"Til I can make it on my own."  For some reason, this particular appearance
seems out of place, on the time line, but I can't remember for sure
when this performance was taped.  Sadly, as I watched this moment
I couldn't help but notice how thin and frail Tammy looks, but in
spite of that, she sounds wonderful!


9.  Performing "Let's call it a day today" Tammy makes a stirring performance during this
particular moment from the "Academy of Country Music Awards."  Dressed in her
elegant evening gown, she looks so beautiful!  5/90


10.  Singing "What goes with blue" Tammy returns to the set of "Nashville Now" for
a fabulous evening, filled with great music and laughter!  She looks absolutely wonderful!  
With Naomi and Wynonna as "guest hosts" for the night, the ladies have a great time
visiting!  They share their thoughts on the music business, their lives, and traveling 
around the countryside.  Returning to the stage, Tammy performs a holiday favorite, 
"Blue Christmas."  Which the audience just loves!  And then later in the program, she
sings her signature song, "Stand by your man."  1/91


11.  Returning to the set of "Nashville Now" Tammy joins Randy Travis on their
exceptional duet of "We're strangers again."  Unfortunately, she is unable to spend
the whole evening with us, but before she leaves, she mentions a very special
25th Anniversary project that CBS Records is assembling for her.


12.  Appearing again on "Nashville Now" Tammy performs a stirring version of
her hit song, "Let's call it a day today."  As always, she looks so beautiful!
Her presence simply lights up the screen!  When she visits with Ralph, they
talk about many things!  And she even reads a delightful poem that she has
written!  Which is really, really cute!  Returning to the stage, she performs
two more selections on the show, "One stone at a time" and the title track
of her new album, "Heart over mind."  Watching Tammy perform is always
a pleasure!


13.  Receiving the "Living Legend Award" on the 1991 "Music City News Country Awards"
program, Tammy was completely taken by surprised!  As they looked back over
her long career, they presented countless images of her!  From the early days,
clear through to the present!  With tears streaming down her face, she
accepted the honor, but truly she has honored us more than she will
ever know!   2/91


14.  Making a exceptional appearance at Ford's theater in Washington, D.C.,
for the special "A Celebration of Country Music," Tammy sings a stirring
rendition of her hit song, "Stand by your man."  She looks absolutely
stunning in her beautiful evening gown!  5/91
15.  When Hilary Clinton implied "something" in connection with Tammy's hit song,
"Stand by your man" she suddenly found herself knee deep in trouble, with
practically EVERYONE!  This report from "Entertainment Tonight" finds
George speaking on behalf of Tammy, who is ill at the moment, and
unable to confront Mrs. Clinton.


16.  Appearing on "Hot Country Nights" Tammy looks simply sensational, as she
performs the classic hit song, "Crying in the rain."  It doesn't get much better than this!
Later in the evening, she joins the rest of the guest stars, for the "jam session"
which is very nice!


Video Collection #3

1.  After a brief overview of her long career, Tammy sits down for a wonderful
interview with John Tesh for his "One and One" program.  Looking radiant, as always,
Tammy touches upon many of the events of her life!  She relates a funny story of
taking her daughters back to her home town, suggesting they step into the fields
and pick some cotton, so they understand how difficult it was for their mother
growing up on the farm.  Touching upon her hit song, "Stand by your man" Tammy
mentions how it angered some individuals, and how she has been defending the
lyrics of that song, ever since she released it.  As she talks about her current
projects, it's hard to believe she is nearly 50 years old.  In closing, she shares
her thoughts about the future!


2.  During a very special program devoted to the "Women of Country Music"
Tammy makes several appearances, before she takes to the stage, and
performs a wonderful rendition of the classic hit, "Crying in the rain."
She looks so beautiful!


3.  Making a delightful appearance on "Music City Tonight" Tammy dips into the
past and performs "Your good girl's gonna go bad."  With Naomi as "guest host"
for the evening, they discuss many things!  Interestingly, Tammy mentions her
latest release, "Without Walls" and how she enjoyed working with 
all her guest stars! 


4.  With Loretta Lynn as her guest, Tammy opens her "Legends of Country Music" 
program on TNN, with the two of them singing "Your good girls gonna go bad."  
Seeing them together is such a delight!  After a short break, they visit about 
the early days of their careers in Nashville, and how they became such 'good
friends.'  On the program, they share so many stories together!  Later in the
show, Tammy teams up with John Berry on the classic, "Stand by your man."  
Which must have been inspired by all of the duets that she performed on her
"Without Walls" album.  As the show draws to a close, Tammy sings a heartfelt
version of her signature tune, "D-I-V-O-R-C-E" and then two more selections,
her latest release, "What do they know" and "My man understands."  It's a 
wonderful hour with the "legendary first lady of country!"


5.  Appearing on "The Late Show with David Lettermen" Tammy performs a
rousing rendition of the song, "Girl thing" from her latest release, "Without
Walls."  Unfortunately, Wynonna's part is being sung by one of Tammy's backup
singers.  As we all know by now, David Lettermen can be quite the character,
and so when his conversation with Tammy turns to ex-husband, George Jones,
the jokes really start to fly!  But what can you expect, when Tammy tells him
that George once drove the riding mower, thirteen miles into town for a drink!


6.  "Entertainment Tonight" catches up with Tammy, upon the release of
her latest album, "Without Walls" ~ here in the United States.  After talking 
about her "near death experience" the year before, when she almost died, 
Tammy talks fondly of the individuals that she worked with on this album.  
Throughout the interview we catch glimpses of her in the studio, with 
Wynonna and Sting, as they put the finishing touches on the music.


7.  During a touching moment from the special, "A day in the life of Country Music"
we are treated to a few minutes with Tammy on her tour bus.  Which is
 really, really nice!  She is so gracious!  And down to earth!


8. Stepping in the role of "Jolene" on the television series, "Evening Shade" 
Tammy makes a splendid appearance!  Along with K.T. Oslin, they really light
up the screen, with their presence!  Tammy is such a natural on camera!
Later in the program, she performs a touching version of the song,
"When someone mentions your name."


9.  On the 1993 "Country Music Awards" Dolly joins Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette
as they perform "Silver threads and golden needles" from their "Honky Tonk Angels"
album.  Afterwards, they present one of the awards for the evening.  All three of
the ladies look 'EXCEPTIONAL!'


10.  Joining George Jones on TNN's Music City News Awards, Tammy helps honor
Wayland Jennings, as he receives the "Living Legend Award." 


11.  On CBS's "Eye to Eye" the camera catches up with Tammy Wynette and George
Jones, as they tour the country, together again!  Throughout the interview, they
present many moments with Tammy, on stage and then also in several different
"interview" settings; one of which takes place on the front porch of the house in
which she grew up in.  From there, they shift to her beautiful home, "Lady Acres"
and we are given a "grand" tour of the place!  As Tammy talks fondly of her fans, 
we are there the day her fans come calling!  As they wind around through the
many rooms of her home, they are served refreshments, before meeting Tammy,
who is receiving her guests, in the "salon!"  It's a precious moment!  Throughout
the interview, she talks about her life and career in great detail.  Proving that some
things haven't changed, while on tour with George, he pulls one of his little surprises
on Tammy, by announcing her "before" she is scheduled to be on stage, and so she
has to rush to be there.  George loved it!  I guess some things don't change.  The
program closes with the two of them on stage, which is truly a wonderful moment!


12.  Appearing together on the 29th annual "Country Music Awards" George and
Tammy step to the stage to perform a medley of their hits!  Which is really nice!
If you listen closely, you can hear George say to Tammy, 
"you look beautiful tonight."


13.  The issue of "medical privacy" comes to the forefront, as Tammy finds
herself on the "CBS Evening News" during a report, in which her medical
records were released to the general public.  Out of all the appearances
within the collection, this particular moment is probably the most startling,
because you can clearly see that Tammy isn't well.


14.  As you listen to this next moment, from the TNN program titled, "Soul Mates"
it's quite evident that Tammy has lost some of the "depth" in her voice, and the
camera has added a sort of "soft focus" to her image.  Even later when she is
interviewed with George, by her side, the camera never really focuses in on her.
The one thing that I particularly noticed about this interview was the "extreme
devotion" shown on George's part for Tammy, which totally put to rest all of the
things that were said about him, in my opinion, after she passed away.

15.  Speaking "via satellite" on the Maury Povich show, Tammy talks about her
hit song, "Stand my your man" in regards to a show, that Maury is presenting
on the state of marriage, and when a person should "stand" by their partner.
Interestingly, the incident with Hilary Clinton surfaces again, and Tammy shares
with us the story "behind the headlines."


Please note, due to a problem with my "video capture card" the 
"photo snaps" below do not reflect the quality of the material, contained
within this followup to the collection.  At a later date, I will be replacing
these photos, so it represents the true quality of these moments.

Video Collection #4

1.  During a special presentation of "Conversations" with Burt Reynolds, Tammy Wynette 
joins Crystal Gayle, Sara Evans and Jo Dee Messina, for a great evening of music and
conversation.  Throughout the interview, each of the ladies touch upon many things,
along with performing a few bars of their favorite song.  Tammy sings a wonderful 
rendition of "Stand by your man."

2.  When it comes to "intimate and up close interviews" nothing comes close to
"On the Record with Ralph Emery."  During this hour long special, Tammy talks about
many things.  They start their wonderful conversation off by, mentioning her new cd,
"Without Walls" and what it was like working with "Elton John" "Wynonna" and some
of her other guests.  After the break, Ralph asks her about her health and the times, in 
which she was very close to dying.  Because Ralph has known Tammy for a very long
time, he knows all the right questions to ask, which give us an even greater insight into
the talented country star.   


3.  The insights into Tammy's life and career continue during Lifetime's 
"Intimate Portrait."  Throughout the hour, we are treated to an exceptional
visit with Tammy, along with many images and photos from her past.


4.  During A&E's Biography of Tanya Tucker, Tammy Wynette speaks
fondly of her dear friend.


Video Collection #5


1.  Appearing on "Prime Time Country" in her final television performance,
Tammy opens the show with a rousing rendition of her hit, "Stand by your
man."  After the break, she touches upon the song and many other things!
As always, Tammy is simply delightful!  Later in the program, Tammy returns
to the stage and performs, "Take me to your world."


2.  "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the passing of Tammy Wynette, with
a wonderful tribute!


3.  Dipping into the past, MSNBC presents a special "Time and Again" segment,
devoted to the life and career of Tammy Wynette.  Throughout the hour, we are
treated to an exceptional collection of interviews, in which Tammy talks about
many things!  Among them, her trademark song, "Stand by your man" and how
it related to the men and the experiences in her life.  During her long career, 
Tammy appeared with many of the stars of today, and upon learning of her
death, Reba shares her thoughts about Tammy.  Later in the program, Loretta
Lynn and The Judds, speak fondly of Tammy, whom they have known for many
years.  When it comes to the inspiration for her songs, Tammy confesses that
she pulled from the events and experiences of her own life.  As the program
draws to a close, they present Tammy's performance of "It's just a girl thing" 
from The Today Show.  Which is very nice!


4.  "Access Hollywood" noted the passing of Tammy Wynette, with
their own tribute to the "First Lady of Country Music."


5.  Speaking by phone, Loretta Lynn expresses her thoughts on loosing Tammy, during
one of the many segments from MSNBC.  They also visited with Barbara Mandrell, who shared
her thoughts on the country legend, as well.


6.  During an "exceptional" A&E Biography, we are treated to another glimpse into
Tammy's incredible life and career.  Scattered throughout the program are many 
images and photos, that we haven't seen before.  Many of her friends speak fondly 
of her throughout the program; among them "Loretta Lynn" and "Emmylou Harris."  
During the program, they mention a couple things that hadn't been discussed before, 
which caught me by surprise!  The pace of this program is pretty quick, hitting all the 
high points, with a slightly different approach, than everything that has been
presented before.  Tammy was "One of a Kind!"


Video Collection #6


1.  MSNBC spotlighted the passing of Tammy Wynette, with a tremendous amount 
of coverage.  In the early hours, upon learning of her death, they contacted many of 
her friends, assembled a special "Time and Again" profile, and even presented her
"Memorial" service.  While waiting for it to begin, they visited with some of Tammy's
closest friends, "Emmylou Harris" "Barbara Mandrell" and "Randy Travis."  During the
service, we are treated to performances by "Dolly Parton" "Wynonna" "Randy Travis"
"Lorrie Morgan" and many others.  Each of them, also share with us their special 
memories of Tammy.  Before Wynonna steps to the stage, Naomi Judd speaks 
fondly of "The First Lady of Country Music" and it's very, very touching!  Dolly also
shares a touching story of her love and admiration for Tammy.
J.D. Sumner and the Stamps perform "Peace in the Valley."  
Randy Travis sings "Precious memories."
Wynonna Judd performs "How great thou art"
Oak Ridge Boys sing "Life's railway to heaven"
Rudy Gatlin performs "I'll fly away"
Dolly Parton sings "Shine On" "I will always love you"
Merle Haggard sings "If I could only fly"
Lorrie Morgan performs "Amazing Grace"
and "Stand by your man"


After the service, the news anchor from MSNBC, visits with Naomi and Wynonna
Judd.  Once again, we are given an insight into Tammy's kindness and generosity.
That only her closest friends knew!  This is truly a wonderful testiment to the
type of lady that Tammy was!


Video Collection #7


1.  The "tributes" keep pouring in!  During another segment from TNN, titled
"Remembering Tammy Wynette" this particular moment reminds us, once
again why we loved and admired her so much!


2.  With the release of "Tammy Wynette:  Remembered" Entertainment Tonight
visits with Wynonna Judd, as she prepares to film the video for "Woman to woman."
Later in the program, Lorrie Morgan and Faith Hill, also share their thoughts on Tammy. 


3.  Appearing on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, Wynonna performs a rousing
rendition of "Woman to woman" with Tammy looking on!  After the break, Wynonna 
shares with us her feelings about Tammy, and importance behind the song she selected.


4.  Wrapping up the year in country music, Tammy Wynette is remembered
during another short segment from TNN.


5.  During "An Evening of Country Greats" Tammy Wynette is honored, as some
of the younger stars perform many of her songs.  Among them, Trisha Yearwood 
sings a wonderful rendition of "Until I get it right."  After the break, Mark Chestnut
and Kathy Mattea perform the duet, "Golden rings."  Following them, Lorrie Morgan
steps to the stage and sings a beautiful version of "You and me."  Accepting the
honor of being inducted in the "Music Hall of Fame" George Richey speaks from
the heart about his dear wife.  As the program draws to a close, Loretta Lynn
shares her thoughts on her friendship with Tammy.


6.  "Life" magazine honored the memory of Tammy Wynette, with a special tribute,
that included comments from her daughter and her husband, George Richey.  Which
added a more personal touch to this special tribute.


7.  On the "Academy of Country Music Awards" Tammy is honored by
"Dolly Parton" "The Judds" "Martina McBride" and "Patty Loveless" as they
perform the hit, "Stand by your man."


8.  George Richey stops the set of "Crook and Chase" as they spotlight Tammy's
recent induction into the "Country Music Hall of Fame."  They also unveil a figurine
that was designed in her likeness.  On the music side of things, George talks about
the "Tammy Wynette Remembered" cd, which contains songs by Elton John, Faith
Hill, and many others.


9.  During the 32nd annual, "Country Music Awards" Tammy was inducted into the
"Country Music Hall of Fame."  With images of her displayed in the background,
Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan perform several of her signature hits!  It's hard to
believe that she is gone.  And when George Richey accepts the honor on her
behalf, he expresses exactly what we all are feeling.


10.  Perhaps it's a sign of the times, and so it shouldn't have come as a complete
surprise when the Bravo channel, profiled "Tammy Wynette" and they presented
a completely different side to her life and career.  This particular program blows
the lid off "everything!" that we have come to know about her!  With comments 
from her personal assistants, close friends, and those who were with her around
the clock, we learn of her steady decline into a personal hell.  Perhaps the most
shocking information comes from her daughter Jackie, who raises serious questions
about her mother's death.  The details that come to the surface during this 
program are nothing short of "SHOCKING!"  You will never look at the last few 
years of her life, the same way again.  All of the signs were there, and we just
didn't want to see it.


"Thank you"
for taking the time to read through these rather lengthy descriptions!  

I know it seems rather "incredible" to believe!  
All these moments from the past.
Moments that you might have missed recording.
And those that you have only heard about!

Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my
with my friends, and they have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a "dual deck"
vcr when I'm sharing any of these moments from my collection.
I would like to trade for shows that I don't have and a few other things.
I look forward to hearing from you!



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