"Welcome!" to probably one of the most unique
and decidedly different websites devoted
to the "Divine Miss M"

"Bette Midler!"

Years ago, when I was traveling a considerable distance
every evening for my job, I started to get these ideas
for a website that I wanted to put together
which featured "Bette!"
Not only would it be about her, but also these other
"ideas!" as well!  Connections to her ~ no matter
how distant.  Things that she had commented
on, and so much more!
It's been been a real challenge picking up on these
thoughts again, after so many years!  As you will see,
this is something totally different, than what you'd
ever expect.  A good share of the website is in place,
while there are areas which I'm still working on! 
So I hope you'll visit often!

Let the "fun" begin!




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