It's her world.
You're just soaking in it.

"Up to the Minute"
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"Photo of the Week"
'New beginnings for Bette Midler!'





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"More" Magazine
Magazine feature of the Month
"The Advocate" December 23, 2003
"W" Magazine  May 2004







"Double Vision!"
Is that really Bette Midler?




"I wouldn't have worn those 'cats' eye glasses!"








"Greta Garbo" and "Gloria Swanson"
They did more than make movies,
they made history!








"Bette's Favorite Things"



"Bette Midler" Sings the
"Rosemary Clooney" Songbook
Coming Soon!



"Tanya Tucker!"
Artist Connection!




The Women of Stepford have a secret!
Coming soon!






"Queen Puddles!"
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You too!  Can help NYRP




"Kiss My Brass!"
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"Looking Back!"



"Star Style"





"Male Box"





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"Tonight They're Yours!"
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Coming Soon!



"Wildlife of the World"
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"Dusty Springfield"
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"Peter Allen"
'Making every moment count!"
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