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June 4, 2004

"Extra" interview, surrounding the upcoming release of
"The Stepford Wives."

April 30, 2004

  When Bette Midler found out her sister, Susan, needed a kidney last year, she
sprang into action.  "She was not a match, so she went on a nationwide hunt for
a donor," an inside source said.  Trying to make light of the issue, Bette told pals:
"I'd give her mine, but then there goes the cash cow of the family!"  Thankfully,
their brother Daniel turned out to be a perfect match.  "The surgery was
successful," Midler's representative replied. 

April 23, 2004

Bette Midler, Liz Smith, Candice Bergen, and Elton John with his
partner David Furnish, dining at "Michael's."



April 21, 2004

"Singing in the Rainforest"

For the 12th annual benefit concert for their Rainforest Foundation, Sting and wife Trudie Styler asked performers to help them raise money to save the wilds of Brazil.
But it was "Bette Midler" who decisively ratcheted up the energy level, delivering abundant charisma and humor on commanding renditions of "Lullaby of Broadway" and "Singing in the Rain."

Although much of the programs' appeal was in the one-shot match ups of singers and songs, the evening's most ecstatic ovations arrived when the artists performed tunes with which they're closely associated.  Elton John's flamboyant version of the Who's "Pinball Wizard" - which he performed in the movie Tommy - and Bette Midler's smashes, "The Rose" and "Wind beneath my wings" were the night's show stoppers. 

"Bette" dancing the night away!






A young scarlet takes a friend under its wing.  If human efforts to
protect them and their rain forest home are successful, they may yet
live out their years free and safe.





April 16, 2004

Diva "Bette Midler" as she entered the gala event.

Usually when Bette Midler spends time in a park, you can find her
elbow deep in garbage and debris.  But there wasn't a smudge of
dirt to be found on the singer during her Friday night visit to
Bethpage State Park's Carlyle on the Green, where she received
the Foundation for Long Island State Park's Master Builder Award.
The often bawdy, self-proclaimed "Queen of Trash" was honored
for her efforts to clean the trash out of hundreds of acres of
New York Parks.
"I'm thrilled to death," said Midler, who arrived at the event
greeted by an ice sculpture that spelled out her name.
The seventh annual award was presented to Midler by Bernadette
Castro, Commissioner of the New York State Office of Parks,
Recreation and Historic Preservation.
"She is this great American icon," said Castro.  "And at the same
time she loves parks and that's a rare combination."
Midler's passion for cleaning up New York's parks was ignited
when she returned to live in Manhattan in the early 1990's.  Upon
seeing once-thriving public spaces littered with abandoned cars,
shredded tires and plastic bags entangled in tree limbs, she decided
to take action.  In 1995 she established the New York Restoration
Project, a public - private partnership that aims to protect public
resources and preserve open spaces.

"Every person deserves a place where they can catch their breath,"
said Midler.  "And you find that in nature and parks provide that."
The award was originally named after Robert Moses, the controversial
figure who was behind many of the area's bridges and thoroughfares
and is also blamed for displacing hundreds of thousands of residents
in his quest to build.  Castro said the foundation decided to remove
Moses' name from the award this year, after Midler brought to their
attention that Moses has many detractors.
"Robert Moses did a lot of wonderful things, but he did make a few
mistakes and we want to keep the award positive," said Castro.
Midler offered her own views on Moses.  "He did a lot of good," she
said, "but he killed one of my parks."  Midler was referring to the
building of the Cross Bronx Expressway, which cuts through
Highbridge in the Bronx.








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