S u r v i v o r  III

The Hollywood Backlot!

~ Los Angeles, California ~

Who will Survive the Ultimate Challenge?

A new book by the star of the TV series, "Bette!" will 

reveal shocking "behind-the-scenes" secrets for any new 

show establishing itself in prime time.  Including alliances 

and strategies, developed through the "Rise and Fall" 

of the network series, "Bette!"

Everyone will be talking about it!

"Cancelled!" written by "Bette Midler" ~ the show's principle 

star ~ is set to be the official companion book of "Surviving" 

the Tribal Council seated within the walls of the highly 

guarded "CBS" compound.

The book's contents are being kept top-secret until later this 

year, when the "Fall" schedule is firmly in place.  It will 

serve as a guide for fledging shows, hoping to make it 

through the first sweeps period, with a possible renewal 

for an entire season.  But we have been granted a sneak

peek from a source who has read the manuscript.

Here are some of the "shocking" details contained in the book!

* "Cancelled!" tears the curtain down, to reveal late night 

candlelit dinners that Les Moonves had with it's star, 

Bette Midler, as he tried to "lure" the talented star, into 

accepting the title role of the series.

* On camera, husband Kevin Dunn always seemed in 

control, but edited out of the show are scenes when 

he loses his GRIP!

* Unbeknownst to viewers, James Dreyfus' gay character 

in the British sitcom "Gimme Gimme Gimme" helped 

land him the role in "Bette!"

* "Fans of the show will be surprised to learn that in the 

background there's a lot more tension than meets the 

eye.  Many times the show's participants and the staff 

nearly came to blows under the pressure.

* An in-depth interview with executive producer, 

Bonnie Bruckheimer, discussing the use of "body-doubles" 

for many of the principle "aerial shots" and "location" 

scenes.  Bonnie was quoted as saying, "I don't use 

professional 'doubles' because they have been stared

at so much, they have grown another skin."

* During the pilot, Lindsay Lohan was cast as Bette's 

daughter, second in line, after Mary Kate and Ashley 

turned down the "leading role." Over the course of the 

series, they were scheduled to "rotate" playing the younger 

cast member, which would allow each of them to pursue 

individual projects, as they switched "identities" each week.

* If viewers thought the cast had it's share of problems, the 

Guest Stars behaved like "animals." True to his on-screen 

persona, Jon Lovitz was an obnoxious, self-indulgent jerk! 

Who tried to upstage the talented Miss Midler, by refusing 

to read his lines correctly, during several of their scenes 

together. His unwillingness to "support the efforts" of the 

cast and crew caused the show to run late into the evening.

* The "Bette!" crew also had to contend with "scorpions" 

( Les Moonves and his team of cut-throat executives ), 

"snakes" ( the ever present press agents, spin doctoring 

out of control ), "spiders" ( hair stylists and makeup

artists ), "crocodiles" ( personal assistants ), and of course 

each other, feeding off the "insecurities and vulnerabilities"

 commonly associated with those in the entertainment field.

And then there were three: 

* Included also in the book, is the "shocking" account of 

the events surrounding Kevin Dunn's mental collapse, 

as he spiraled out of control on the set, taking Miss 

Midler hostage in the commissary.

* With the departure of Kevin Dunn and Lindsay Lohan, 

the show was in the process of scheduling major "cast 

changes" and "walk-on" roles for many of Bette's former 

co-stars and friends.

Among the changes:

"Johnny Carson"
host of the "Tonight Show" and long time
friend of Miss Midler, would step out of retirement
to play the role of "Wilfred," the family butler.

"Lainie Kazan"

When offered the role of nightclub singer, "Vickie Edie"
Lainie expressed her thoughts on working with Miss Midler.
"We're cut from the same cheese.  She's delicious, with wit
and warmth and pathos and passion ~ all the things
I appreciate in myself."

"Lisa Ann Walters"
was signed to play a younger version of "Bette"
during specific 'flashback' scenes.


"Katey Sagal"
was ready to accept the role of Bette's long lost
sister, "Barbara."  Who's untimely appearance with
her daughter, spells trouble for Bette's family
and friends.

After years of being unable to watch "television" Rose 
develops a fascination, with "James Van der Beek" and 
"Jason Preistley."  Which forces Bette to consider moving 
her family to New York City, to escape the
influences of "Hollywood."

Oscar's infatuation with Ricky Martin, would lead him
to "Mario Lopez."  Who's character, a daytime hustler -
turned actor, was set to cause quite a stir among
those on the set.

"Jesse L. Martin"
would step into the romantic lead for Joanna
Gleason's character, Connie.  Providing "primetime"
with it's first inter-racial relationship, destined to
rival "NYPD Blue."


"Tammy Faye Messner"
the Michelangelo of Mascara, the First Lady of
Christian Broadcasting, was set to play the role of
"Iris Lindstrom."  Bette's meddlesome next
door neighbor.

And . . . in perhaps the most twisted tale of all!

In the shocking "Season Finale" Bette would be held
captive by Lynn Redgrave, as she rushes to aid her
sister, Vanessa.  The two legendary actresses were
scheduled to play characters closely resembling
"Blanche and Jane Hudson!"
Two sisters who love each other to death!

Will "Bette" survive?

When "Cancelled!" hits the bookshelves in the fall, the key 
to victory will be whether Miss Midler can 'outwit, outplay, 
outlast' the Tribal Council, by blowing the lid off the 
Hollywood Studio system.  
But as she has said, "I've personally lived the anguish 
and conflicts between the cast members.  The effects humans 
have on each other are huge.  It is dramality:  scripted 
nonfiction drama.  With real actors."







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