Could this be Bette Midler?

Well . . .                    
not exactly . . .
 This is
" Dusty Springfield "
This particular picture taken from her "Golden Hits" collection,
has always reminded me of "Bette!"
Although you might say that they are different in many ways,
truthfully in reading the liner notes from Dusty's album, 
they share many of the same qualities!
"She is an 'Original.'  
She . . . isn't like anybody else.  
Interview her and you find out the important things, like she thinks her 
nose is too long, and that her favorite actor is Daffy Duck, for gosh sakes!
Her appearance is . . . 
different for a pop singer.

A cool blonde.  

Simply dressed, but chic!

She stares at you with those green,
eyes . . . and even smiles.
True, she's not overly fond
of the hard work,

She's an important singer.

" At the top of the list in her native England.
Bigger than ever in the United States.
An International Star.
She can hop a plane to Berlin or Madrid
or New York or Nashville, and when she
arrives people will KNOW her,
will have HEARD her voice. "

I find it interesting that the very same things could 
be mentioned about "Bette!"
She is definitely an "Original!"
True, she's not overly fond of the hard work either, but it's
most definitely WORTH IT!  She's at the top of the list ...
an IMPORTANT singer.  People know her, and without 
a doubt they have HEARD her voice!
She's a BIG fan of the "Simpsons!"

If you thought you were seeing a "double" in
those photos of "Dusty" . . . wait until you
see what else I have in store!

As you will see, there are other 
"body doubles" out there!

Photographer Helmut Newton on
the terrace of his Monte Carlo apartment.
Jean Claude Van Damme

Jacqueline Susan and Irving Mansfield


Speaking of Helmut,
can you tell where this came from?
" The women's faces had a set, mannequin-like attitude, very 'Helmut Newton.' The men tended to have a bit more expression but also a lot more leather, and they tended to come in irons of every imaginable variety from metal-studded chokers to handcuffs.  Sitting in my dressing room and listening to the clanging of metal as the audience came in, I thought I was about to perform for a chain-link fence. "

Taken from "A View from a Broad"

Be sure to tune in next time!
When we'll visit Bette's next door neighbor!
For a hilarious "body double!"









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