In the September 1999 issue of
"The Ladies Home Journal"
they featured a really nice article,
on Bette . . .

. . . and a few of her favorite things!

Butterfly Bag
"Angela Amiri designed this bag.  I love it.
People on the street ask where I got it. "
The Baffler
" I have a subscription to this magazine,
which has a very odd take on things. "
Puddles, the Dog
" I bought her for my daughter, but they
didn't bond.  So I take her everywhere. "
My Stationery
" It's made from recycled paper, and has an
oak tree on it, because I wanted to show
an interest in nature. "

Photo of My Mother
" I miss her every day. "
" I bought these in Montreal when I was
shooting ' Isn't She Great.' "
" These are my favorite platform shoes from 1972.
Cher gave them to me. "
~ ~ ~
" My mother always told me 'never throw anything away because
it will come back! "  These were given to me by Cher Bono
in 1972, she had them made for me. "
A gift from Cher!
hmmm . . .

I wonder who made them?

" Flashback "
~ 1975 ~

In Hollywood, it's the year of
the "big shoe" ~ for Fred Slatten
"shoes" some of the richest
feet in town.
This red-kid pair he is holding sports
5000 rhinestones, with 8-inch
heels, at a cost of $275.
"Carol Burnett" and "Cher"
are wearing Fred's $225
silver slippers on camera.






At first glance you might
say these are Bette's shoes.
Similar in design, this pair
contains over 4000 rhinestones,
at a cost of $250.


Sally Struthers shows off her
red-kid, hand-painted pair with
rhinestone letters, and her
pearl-and-satin pair.
( bottom left )
Slatten's hole-in-the-wall wedgie
is laminated wood with decoupage
sides and a $90 price tag.
For "Elton John," Slatten made
this yellow-orange-and-red pair,
using acrylic paint, mixed
with rhinestones.

I wonder how much a pair of Slatten originals
would cost today?
$ $ $



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