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Cher Collection #1

1.) Appearing on “American Bandstand” Cher performs “I Paralyze” before an
enthusiastic audience! After her performance, Dick Clark joins her for a few minutes of
conversation. Best known for her “extravagant” outfits and stage persona, they discuss
an activity close to her heart: “shopping!” Shifting to something a little more serious,
they finish by talking about her upcoming role in “Silkwood.” Wonderful Closeups! 

2.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Cher at the University of Los Angeles,
where she addresses a room full of theater students. Interestingly, she talks about the
roles that she missed out on, before being chosen for “Silkwood.” You’ll be surprised by
what she originally was offered! On a final note, she mentions the choice that she has
made between following her career, and that of taking care of her children. 

3.) “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” catches up with Cher on the Orient Express,
while traveling in Europe. After a brief exchange, the camera takes us into her California
home, for an extensive tour! We are treated to every room of her spacious million dollar
estate! You’ll especially love the painting of her that adorns her bedroom! The
costumes! The outfits! And the shoes! Truly, magnificent! 

4.) Next up! One of the earliest interviews in my collection! Appearing the “Today
Show” with Jane Pauley, Cher discusses many things. Beginning with her desire to be an
actress, talks about meeting Sonny for the first time and how their musical career started. 
Naturally, as the conversation continues, she candidly discusses their divorce, and her
feelings at the time, which lead to their split. Being a single parent, Cher talks her
children and how they are dealing with the thought of not having a “father-figure” in
their home. Wonderful interview! Exceptional Closeups of her! 4/25/84 

5.) This particular segment from the program: “Women in Rock Music” provides
another moment with Cher, from the “Today Show” where she continues to talk about
Sonny. As a backdrop, they present the two of them performing “I got you babe” from
one of their very early appearances. 

6.) Receiving the Harvard “Hasty Pudding Award” Cher travels to Cambridge
Massachusets for this annual event. Amid the flashbulbs, Cher talks about this 
unique honor. 2/14/85 

7.) Visiting with David Hartman, for “Good Morning America” Cher discusses her
next starring role in the movie “Mask.” Looking “simple but glamorous” she talks about
her life, and how this role reflects the relationship between a mother and her children. 
As they continue, she is asked what she feels is the “greatest misconception” that most
people have of her, and how this relates to her role as an actress. Where the line between
her “image” and her “talent” is concerned. Returning to her personal life, she is quoted
as saying that “men” are considered a luxury, and not necessarily needed, which sheds
some light on her current boyfriend. During the third segment, from this interview, 
Eric Stolz joins Cher for his own insights and what he has learned, 
playing his role in “Mask.” 3/4/85 

8.) The “questions” continue as “Cher” visits with Phil Donahue for an exceptional
hour! Looking gorgeous, as always, their conversation starts out with an indepth
discussion of her “hair!” Sporting her “black and white mohawk” she discusses how this
particular look came about. Joking with Phil, Cher exclaims “You’re going to get cheesy
so early!” as he mentions her many tattoos. Shifting to her career, Phil brings to light how
her appearance sometimes stands in the way of her acceptance as an actress. From there,
Cher candidly discusses how she has achieved her level of success without a man in her
life. Paying a great tribute to her many fans, she answers Phil’s question on how she is
received by them, while going about her life on a day to day basis. The rest of the hour is
mainly taken up with questions from the audience, which prove to be some of the best! 
She is asked about her children; how they are doing, and what they plan to do when they
get older. From there, Cher talks about her first starring role in “Come back to the Five
and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean.” In talking about her co-stars, Sandy Dennis and
Meryl Streep, Cher mentions the honor of working with these two talented women. On
the subject, of appearing on Broadway, she relates an very interesting story of how she
got the part in “Jimmy Dean.” All thanks to her mother! As the questions continue, she
is asked about her home in California and why it hasn’t sold as of yet, and the possibility
of singing again, in the near future. Sharing a few of the “tabloid details” she mentions
her current “steady” boyfriend; and how her children accepted her divorce from Sonny. 
Very interesting interview! Wonderful “full” screen moment! With “Cher” center
stage! So many things are discussed, that I can’t even even list them all!
Not to be missed! 4/11/85 


9.) Talking to “Entertainment Tonight” Cher proves more insight into her role in
“Mask” and how this role relates to her relationship with her own children. 3/20/85 

10.) The “Barbara Walters” Special! Her very first interview with Cher! After a brief
recap of her life, complete with clips from the “Sonny and Cher” show; movie roles;
children; and her relationships . . . the camera shifts through the rooms of her beautiful
Egyptian home in California, finally resting upon the two of them, seated on an oversized
fluffy cloud! Looking absolutely gorgeous, she is dressed in a simple black jumpsuit. 
Throughout this exceptionally long interview, she talks about herself in great detail. 
From her earliest childhood memories, to the present. Very candid comments! Ranging
from her relationship with Sonny, her marriage to Greg; and then thoughts of her real
father, who just passed away. Rounding out the men in her life, she discusses her current
“boyfriend” and the possibility of them getting married. On a final note, she is asked
how she would describe herself and what has made her such an endearing individual! 
Great Interview! The very best! 5/9/85 

11.) Dressed in her famous Bob Mackie “head-dress” outfit, Cher graces the Oscar stage
to present the award, for “Lead actor in a motion picture.” Joking beforehand, she
exclaims that she received her handbook “How to dress like a serious actress!” 
Absolutely Fascinating! One of her greatest moments! 

12.) Appearing on the “David Lettermen” show, four years had passed by before she
agreed to meet the fabled late night host. Joking with Dave, Cher exclaims “Is this is as
good as it gets?” Holding her own, Cher calls Dave an “asshole!” Which is a Classic
Moment! Several times throughout the show, the word comes up again, and again! 
Once the applause subsides, they talk about many things: her outfit from the Oscars,
where she is currently staying; turning older; and her upcoming projects. Wonderful
interview! In Classic Dave Style! 5/22/86

13.) As a preview of things to come, Cher releases her first video: “I found someone.”
After this collection was assembled, I happened to find some additional material on
“Cher!” that needed to be placed within the first three volumes of this collection. Due to
the short amount of time left on each of these tapes, these moments were included
wherever I could place them. So the following items might be out of place, in terms of
when the moment actually happened. But I felt it was necessary to include these items!

14.) Performing on the MTV Music Awards, Cher takes to the stage for a rousing
rendition of “If I could turn back time.” This particular performance is exceptional! 

Cher Collection #2

1.) Making an appearance on the MTV Video Awards, Cher mentions her new album
and her thoughts on returning to her music career, especially in the field of 
rock n’ roll.  “Yeah, I’m jazzed!” she jokes!  Later in the program, she 
presents the "Viewers Choice Award." 9/14/87 

2.) This short, short appearance on “Entertainment Tonight” finds Cher talking about
her new album, and how she hopes it will be received. 

3.) “Entertainment Tonight” stops by the set of Cher’s new video “I found someone.” 
During the interview portion, she talks about the chemistry between her and Rob, and
why it was easier to have him as her love interest, in the video. She points out the
difference between providing the “direction” of the video, as opposed to being the
“director.” Interesting comment. 

4.) After an extended absence from the music scene, we are treated to Cher’s first
video “I found someone.” 


5.) Without a doubt, Cher reclaims her place as one of rock’s most endearing icons, as
she appears on “Saturday Night Live.” Performing two tracks from her new album: “We
all sleep alone” and “I found someone.” She has never “looked and sounded better!” A
Classic Moment! 


6.) Although this next appearance is
noticeably flawed, this particular interview from
“Showtime” begins with Cher holding up a printed copy of the album jacket, of her latest
release. She proceeds to mention that she feels this new album is probably the best
album she has ever done. Since this interview is from one of the premium channels, the
questions are mainly centered around her film roles. Towards the end of the interview,
Cher is asked if she will ever write her own autobiography someday, she replies: “I’ll
have to wait until everyone is dead!” Then without missing a beat, she is asked if she
ever mentioned the following: “I can fit what I know about men on the head of a pin, and
there will still room left for the Lord’s Prayer.” Which is quite funny.
Despite the flaws,
that effect the screen, this particular interview stands up nicely! 


7.) Entertainment Tonight, catches up with all the stars of “Moonstruck” during it’s
premiere in New York City. Briefly Cher talks about the movie. 


8.) Fabulous interview from “Home Box Office.” Cher literally “jumps” out at you,
from the screen. She looks incredibly beautiful! Wonderful Closeups! Not to be
missed! Absolutely stunning! Knowing that she always speaks her mind, she comments
“If you’re a Cher fan, you have to take a lot of shit.” Which is interesting because she
understands her fans so well. From there she talks about her role in “Moonstruck” and
how that film represents a “real family.” Continuing, she talks about her talent, which
translates more closely her spirit, determination, and personality. Very insightful comments! 

9.) Returning to her music, we are treated to her next video: “We all sleep alone.” 

10.) After a brief recap of the past year, complete with exceptional footage of Cher,
looking her absolutely best! Barbara Walters spends a candid evening with the fun
loving entertainer we have admired for so long. Before they sit down for the interview
part of the program, they take a stroll through the local market, which is really cute! 
Shifting to her apartment, they begin their visit, by discussing the possibility of her
actually winning an “Oscar.” In typical fashion, Cher dispenses her own wisdom on the
whole idea. She looks radiant! Absolutely gorgeous! As they continue to visit, she talks
about her image; which has always been based upon her “clothes” and her outward
appearance, which doesn’t really reflect her inner spirit. She mentions several
individuals currently in the news, and although from their outward appearance, they
“dress” respectfully, she questions their inner motives. Unlike herself, where her
appearance is a direct reflection of Cher ~ through and through. Rather shy, but
straight-forward, Cher talks about Robert, and what he means to her. Interestingly, she
mentions how we have placed ourselves above everyone, in our society, to the point, that
even the smallest of jobs seem unworthy, when if fact, those individuals take great pride
in their contribution. For the first time, Cher discusses at length her dyslexia, and how
this has effected her life, including her “greatest challenge.” Very interesting. As the
interview draws to a close she talks about living her life to the fullest. 

11.) Gracing the stage, Cher and Nicolas Cage present the Academy Award for the
“Best Supporting Actor” in a motion picture. Later in the program, her own “Moment
Arrives!” When she receives her own “Oscar” for her incredible role in “Moonstruck.” 
This moment will forever touch your heart! As the audience gives her a standing
ovation! She looks absolutely gorgeous, as she graciously accepts her Academy Award. 
Definitely, Cher’s finest moment! 


12.) On “Good Morning America” the following day, they present a firsthand interview
with Cher, from the night before, right after she accepted her Academy Award. Feeling
flushed, she pauses to dab her face, as she reflects upon her acting talent, and the
possibility of being a “great actress.” Since this interview was given moments after her
win, she hasn’t had enough time to find the “right words” and so she speaks from her soul. 


13.) Similar to the previous appearance, the “Today Show” visits with Cher, following
her win! Very nice! Although this interview is a bit more “staged.” 

14.) Capturing our hearts even further, Cher unveils her latest video: “Main Man.” 
Seeing her with Rob, it’s clear that she loved him very deeply. Great video! 

15.) The “backdrop” for her video of “Main Man” was taken, to some degree from her
appearance on this particular installment of the MTV Video Awards. Absolutely wonderful! 

16.) Long before tabloid journalism plunged themselves into the depths, “A Current
Affair” presented this interesting overview of Cher’s career, complete with all the “highs
and lows.” Throughout the program, they show small clips of her talking about her life,
intermixed with comments from Sonny, who seems rather judgmental. I honestly
believe, he should have taken a good look at himself in the mirror, before he started to
pass along any sort of judgment. To highlight her endearing presence, the producers
have found perhaps the “biggest Cher Fan” of all time! Wait until you see his collection! 
One of the more surprising moments of the program, practically jumps onto the screen
when they present Cher performing with Elton John and Joan Rivers, singing “The Bitch
is Back.” Unfortunately, I missed that particular appearance! Another area that they
touch upon is her being the spokesperson for “Bally’s Health Club” long before anyone
else decided this was fashionable. Overall for a “tabloid program” the report was a very
interesting overview of her life and career. 

17.) On a different note, “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Cher at the court
house, after Rob’s run in with the press, outside their home in California. Speaking from
the steps of the court house, she paints a very negative picture of the press and how far
they will go to get their story. This particular segment makes you think twice about the
role they play in providing the headlines. 



18.) Showing that there is another side to the press, “Hard Copy” profiled Cher, with
their own indepth overview. Throughout this particular interview, they mixed
“previously viewed moments” with footage from her current concert tour, old photos,
and a visit with her mother and sister, which added a depth to their report, usually not
found in the typical interview. Her mother looks wonderful! Both them provide some
really interesting insights into Cher’s personality; not to mention dispelling some of those
tabloid rumors. It’s interesting listening to their comments! Her sister assures us, that
Cher will always “tell you like it is!” regardless of the circumstances. Very nice interview! 

19.) “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Cher promoting her latest fragence
“Uninhibited.” In a candid moment, she replies: “I don’t give a shit how I dress!” On
camera, Sonny and Peter Bogdanovich come off sounding like “bitter, bitter, little men”
as they share their own negative thoughts about her; and how they feel she has
manipulated her past to present herself today. The speculation on Peter’s part is truly
absurd! Of the two, Sonny would know her better. But in this interview, you get the
feeling he’s more unhappy for the way his own life has turned out. On the other hand,
Cher’s incredible light, will forever shine! 

20.) No matter what their opinion might be, this next clip finds Cher accepting a People’s 
Choice Award, as our “Favorite Female Performer.” She looks absolutely gorgeous, and 
speaks very honestly from the heart! I’ll never understand why so many people discount
her thoughts, when in all honesty, everything that she says, is totally the truth! 

21.) Traveling the countryside to promote her new fragence, this particular clip from
“Entertainment Tonight” finds Cher talking about being “uninhibited” in her own life. 

22.) With the cameras still rolling, “Entertainment Tonight” catches up with Cher, at
Macy’s department store in New York City, where she is unveiling her new perfume. 


23.) Looking radiant and totally “Uninhibited” Cher steps forth in her very own
commercial. Unfortunately, this was one of those moments, when her appearance was so
quick, that this moment is not complete. 

24.) After receiving an Oscar of her own, it’s only fitting that she should return the
following year, to present the award for “Best Motion Picture.” 


25.) During this particular night-time interview, variety program called “After Hours,”
we are treated to another interesting profile of Cher. Intermixed throughout the interview,
are moments of her performing on tour! Her first appearance on the road in years! 

26.) At a later date, a second part of the “After Hours” program aired! Calling herself 
“old and awesome!” we are treated to more footage from the tour, during this extended
interview. However, this time they spend more time with her in studio answering questions. 

27.) As a last touch, Cher presents her video: “If I could turn back time.”

After this collection was assembled, I happened to find some additional material on
“Cher!” that needed to be placed within the first three volumes of this collection. Due to
the short amount of time left on each of these tapes, these moments were included
wherever I could place them. So the following items might be out of place, in terms of
when the moment actually happened. But I felt it was necessary to include these items!

29.) As luck would have it! I was able to capture Cher’s second commercial for her
perfume “Uninhibited.” 

30.) “Entertainment Tonight” profiles the recent trend of “Younger / Older”
relationships in Hollywood. Among the individuals they spotlight during this segment is
Cher’s involvement with Rob. In terms of actual, on screen time with all the celebrities,
Cher receives the most attention.

Cher Collection #3

1.) On this particular segment of “Entertainment Tonight” they visit with Cher from the set
of her latest video “If I could turn back time.” Interestingly, the conversation shifts
away from the backdrop of what Cher is working on, to the rumors surrounding her in
the media. During this interview, you realize that things have gotten to the point, that
she is absolutely feed up with the press. She expresses her anger at the tactics they use. 

2.) On this second installment of “Entertainment Tonight” the conversation primary
focuses on the filming of her latest video: “If I could turn back time.” 

3.) With all the talk about her video, here’s the finished result: “If I could turn back time.” 

4.) On a special edition of “Prime Time Live” Diane Sawyer catches up with Cher on
her current “sold-out” tour! This particular appearance is absolutely fantastic! Along
with a few moments of Cher sitting down, most of the interview shows her backstage,
complete with four or five costume changes, and several rehearsal segments where she is
quite demanding. Never before have we seen what really goes on “behind the scenes”
and so some of what you’ll see is a bit of a surprise. Staying true to the “theme” of the
program, Diane Sawyer takes us “LIVE!” to Cher on stage, via satellite, for an
extraordinary “live performance.” When you see Cher in her heavy “white fur outfit”
you’ll absolutely gasp! She looks FANTASTIC! After her dancers have taken away her
outfit and head-dress, another surprise awaits us! She is wearing the “famous ‘If I could
turn back time’ outfit” that generated so much attention. To complete the setting, she
performs a rousing rendition of that particular song! She displays such an intensity
during this performance! After a short break, we are taken once again, to Cher! This
time she has changed into something more relaxing, for a lively interview, in her dressing
room! Overall, this was an absolutely FANTASTIC MOMENT! 

5.) On this particular installment of “Entertainment Tonight” they catch up with Cher
during the shooting of her next video “Just like Jesse James.” 
6.) “Entertainment Tonight” continues their coverage of Cher, as they present their
own footage of her current “sold-out” tour. Showing plenty of behind the scenes
footage: from the building of the set, to the arrival of the trucks, to her outfits, and then
during rehearsal, this is another glimpse into what makes Cher so special! 

7.) “Good Morning America” visits Cher from basically the same setting as the
previous interview piece. Once again, the major theme of the “tabloid press” seems to be
the only thing anyone wants to talk about. 

8.) On a very special edition of the “Oprah Winfrey” Show, we are treated to an
exceptional interview with Cher, taped at her home in Aspen Colorado. Relaxed and
very calm, the camera captures Cher’s incredible beauty! She looks absolutely
wonderful! Throughout the hour they discuss many things, in great detail. Following the
trend, from some of the previous interviews, Oprah asks Cher how she deals with the
“press” and all the negative things they have printed about her. She addresses “all the
rumors!” And even expresses her dismay over a recent “Vanity Fair” article, which
comes as a surprise for this highly respected publication. When the conversation turns to
Sonny, and her own mother, you’ll be equally surprised by her statements. “I don’t know
who those people are!” With the release of her book “Forever Fit” the conversation shifts
to her health, and how she maintains her slim figure, which is achieved through a great
deal of discipline. In watching this particular interview, I couldn’t help but notice that
Cher is very somber and serious, throughout the entire show, rarely breaking a smile. It
makes you wonder what may have been bothering her. As the show draws to a close, we
are treated to a tour of her home! Which is exceptional! Away from the formal
interview portion, Cher finally expresses her lighter side! The conversation turns a bit
more serious, however, as they visit the “exercise room.” where Cher explains her
typical workout routine, and why it’s so important for her to spend as much time there, as
she does. Returning to the upstairs, we are treated to a glimpse of her bedroom, with it’s
attached bath. Very, very nice! The whole hour is wonderful! From beginning to end! 
Not to be missed! 

9.) Filming a video for her new album “Love Hurts” we are treated to another
exceptional interview, this time from “CBS This Morning.” Cher starts out by discussing
her talent as a singer, from the perspective of what she feels are the boundaries of her
“talent” and own “limitations” as a singer. The main focus of the interview is the new
album, and Cher is more than willing to discuss this latest endeavor. She looks radiant! 


10.) Looking “equally enchanting” Cher shows us another side of herself, during this
particular commercial for the popular sweetner. 


11.) Returning to her music, the following video is always a treat to see: “The Shoop
Shoop Song.” 


12.) Catching up with “Cher” can sometimes be a challenge! This particular interview
on “The Today Show” already in progress, finds Cher sporting not only a “red wig” but
the determination to live her life, by her own set of rules. Afterwards, she talks about the
new album. 

13.) Performing selections from her new release, Cher steps to the stage for this
particular installment of ABC’S “In Concert” Series. Singing “Love Hurts” we are
treated to another exceptional moment from Cher’s long career! After a brief
commercial break, Cher returns with “Love and Understanding.” Dressed in a
“mini-mini dress” that leaves you wondering “how high can she go!” And look at those
legs!!! Two more selections follow: “Save up all your tears” and a spirited version of “A
world without heros.” An Exceptional Performance! 

14.) Ending on another musical note, the truly remarkable video “Save up all your
tears” spills forth from the screen! Cher is absolutely gorgeous! And we are treated to a
very “UpClose” view of the tattoo, that she hasn’t seen very much of!!!! Wonderful Video!

After this collection was assembled, I happened to find some additional material on
“Cher!” that needed to be placed within the first three volumes of this collection. Due to
the short amount of time left on each of these tapes, these moments were included
wherever I could place them. So the following items might be out of place, in terms of
when the moment actually happened. But I felt it was necessary to include these items! 

15.) The “CBS” Network announced Cher’s upcoming special this way! During a short
commercial break, the following images of Cher appeared! 

16.) Appearing on the ABC program, “An Evening With ...... Friends of the
Environment” Cher performed two selections: “I’m no Angel” and “Fire down below.” 
Feeling confident, she proudly displays the tattoo on her forearm. Absolutely wonderful
moment! I can’t believe I forgot about this!

Cher Collection #4

1.) Starting with an assortment of images from Cher’s past, the “Oprah Winfrey Show”
presents an hour long interview with the talented superstar! Filmed in Aspen, before a
“live audience,” Cher discusses many different things! It’s interesting listening to Cher’s
response, when Oprah asks her how she became the “woman” she is today. This
interview was taped shortly after the release of “Mermaids” and so a good share of the
conversation centers around the mother and daughter relationship that played out on the
screen. During the program, Wynonna Ryder joins Cher, as they discuss the movie. 
Having her there adds a certain depth to our perspective of Cher, as she talks about
working with her on this movie. In a way, with an added guest on the show, it gives Cher
a moment to reflect upon her own questions more, when the camera turns to her. 
Intermixed throughout the show, we are treated to glimpses of the countryside in Aspen,
which is breathtaking! It’s no wonder that Cher has decided to live there! Very
insightful hour! Not to be missed! 

2.) During this particular segment on “Entertainment Tonight” Cher confides that she
is still not down to what she feels is her “fighting, thinnest weight” even with the release
of her first exercise video. In addition, to sharing some thoughts on her own health, she
talks about her newest video “Save up all your tears.” As always, Cher speaks her mind! 
Especially when asked about the details in Sonny’s new book, that was just published. 
You’ll be amazed by the wonderful closeup shots of Cher during this interview! She
looks gorgeous! 

3.) On a second installment of “Entertainment Tonight” Cher talks more about her
weight, and how she was able to loose those extra pounds. In talking about “working out
on a daily basis” she explains how this has helped her deal with her Epstein Barr
condition. Wonderful Closeup Shots of Her! Full Screen! 

4.) Appearing on the “Sally Jesse Raphael” Show, Cher spends a wonderful hour
discussing all the aspects of her life! From the past, to the present! Getting things off to
a flying start, Cher expresses her appreciation for the wonderful response she received
from the audience. Sitting down with Sally, she then talks about living her life to the
“fullest” regardless of how others might view her decisions. On an interesting note, their
conversation turns to her children, and how they are doing. It’s not very often, Cher has
the chance to talk about them in such depth, and so her stories are really interesting. In
talking about the roles that she has played over the years, Cher discusses how her weight
and the image that was needed for the screen, brought her to the realization that she had
the Epstein Barr virus. Returning from the break, Sally introduces Cher’s sister, and their
best friend, Paulette; who’s presence on the program, adds a certain depth to our
understanding of the talented star! With her sister, by her side, they delightfully talk
about “their mother!” and their incredible “grandmother!” Because the show is basically
centered around the release of her new “exercise video” Cher returns from the station
break, dressed in her famous outfit from her video “If I could turn back time.” It’s
interesting watching the reaction from the audience members, during her work out
segment. They absolutely love watching her! Truly a wonderful hour filled with so
many great moments! Not to be missed! 

5.) Appearing in a promotional segment for the MTV Music Awards, Cher discusses
the ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.” As always, Cher looks wonderful! 

6.) Looking sensational and full of energy, Cher honors us with her presence at the
“Billboard Music Awards.” Stepping to the stage, the audience goes crazy! And Cher
just loves it! You can tell, she is thrilled! 

7.) After an extended absence from the silver screen, Cher returns with her new movie
“Faithful” during this segment from “Entertainment Tonight.” 

8.) On “Grammy” night, the cameras were rolling for “Entertainment Tonight.” Who
caught up with Cher at one of the parties, after the awards. 

9.) Appearing in this particular installment of “Entertainment Tonight” Cher talks
about her new movie “Faithful,” expressing her own thoughts on whether or not she has
ever had any trouble being “faithful” in her own life. 

10.) Whenever “Cher” appears on the “David Lettermen” Show, sparks always seem to
fly! And this appearance was no exception! In typical fashion, Cher calls him a “name”
and he never lets her forget it! After they playfully spar with one another, for almost the
entire interview, Cher takes to the stage to perform a flawless rendition of her latest
release “One by One.” Truly a classic moment! Exceptional! 

11.) Captured for your viewing pleasure! Prepare yourself for the “remix” of Cher’s
latest smash: “One by One.” She looks absolutely exquisite! Extreme! Upclose shots
of her! Full Screen! 
Cher Video Collection #5

1.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher as she embarks on her
1990 tour.  During this exclusive interview, we are given full access, "backstage"
to a side of Cher that the fans, rarely see!  Elijah even shares his thoughts upon 
working with his famous mother.  Before she takes to the stage, she visits 
with a group of children who are less fortunate.

2.  Showing us her famous "curve ball" Cher takes a moment out, from her 
current sold tour, for a trip to the local "bowling alley!"

3.  Looking absolutely "FABULOUS!" Cher presents the honor for "Favorite" Male
and Female Video on the 1991 MTV Video Awards.
Cher looks simply stunning!

4. Making a splendid appearance on "Dame Edna's Hollywood" Cher displays a
mixture of expressions, one minute stunned and amazed by her host, trying to
figure out what is going on!  And then the next minute, she is laughing and being
the Cher we all love!  Throughout their conversation, the two "mega-stars" touch 
upon many things!  After the break, Cher steps to the stage to perform her latest
hit single, "Save up all your tears."  Which is EXCEPTIONAL!  As the show draws to
a close, Dame Edna and Cher sing a spirited version of her signature tune, "I got
you babe."  In true Dame Edna fashion, the song takes off in a completely different
direction than the way it was originally recorded!  Which is hilarious!

5.  During an extended interview with "Regis and Kathie Lee" on their popular daytime
show, Cher touches upon many things!  From her exercise video, which is her latest
project, to the famous "infomercial" that sounded like a good idea in the beginning,
but turned out to be the exact opposite.  As always, Cher looks absolutely gorgeous!
This is truly an exceptional interview!  And it's "really" long too!

6.  During the "American Film Institute" Salute to Jack Nicholson, Cher
talks fondly about the talented actor and the special time, they spent
together on the "Witches of Eastwick."

7.  Appearing on Elizabeth Taylor's 60th Birthday Celebration, Cher honors the
talented star, with a few of her thoughts.

8.  While vacationing on the French Riviera, Cher attends the annual Amfar Aids benefit.
During one of the photo sessions, a photographer asks her if she'd remove her
sunglasses, and without missing a beat, she replies, "You can kiss my ass!" 

9.  As a follow up to their previous interview, "Entertainment Tonight" catches up
with Cher out on the town, dressed in an elegant evening gown.  The essence of this
particular moment is centered around her decision to return to the movies.

10.  With the release of her new album, "It's a man's world" Cher visits with
Mark Steines from "Entertainment Tonight."  When asked about the direction of
her music, this time around, she confides that it draws upon the worst time of 
her life.  Later in the interview, she mentions for the first time, on camera, the
news of Chastity's coming out and her initial response.

11.  Always looking for an angle, "Hardcopy" and their team of experts reflect upon
how Cher has maintained her exceptional figure.  Throughout the segment, they
present many of the images we have seen time and time again.

12.  Picking up from where a previous interview left off, "Entertainment Tonight"
finds Cher talking at length about her new album and the video for the song,
"Walking in Memphis."

13.  Making her very first appearance on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" Cher looks
absolutely fabulous!  While joking with the popular daytime host, Rosie always brings
out the best in her guests!  Cher talks about many things!  Including her music, being
in the spotlight, her famous tattoos, and so much more!  After the break, Cher
dresses up the set with some of the things from her "Sanctuary" catalog, which is
very interesting!  In picking up one of the "candle holders" Rosie puts the item on
her head!  Which is utterly "hilarious!"  The whole scene leaves Cher in stitches!

14.  "Entertainment Tonight" featured an in depth interview with Chastity, who
discusses how her parents, accepted the fact she was gay.  Later in the program,
Cher talks briefly about how she handled the news.

15.  As Loni Anderson steps into the court room, to settle a dispute with her
"infomercial" contract, "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights other well known
celebrities that have done "infomercials."  Among them, Cher!


16.  "Live from the VH1 Studios" in New York City, Cher stops by the set of
"The RuPaul Show" for a delightful interview!  As the two talented stars visit
with one another, Cher touches upon the years that she spent on television,
not only with Sonny, but then on her own.  Reflecting on her new album, Ru
asks Cher "If it were a woman's world" how would things be different?  Which
may seem like a funny question to ask, but Cher has a great reply!  Carrying on
with that theme, she explains why she likes being a "woman" and the benefits
that come with it.  After the break, she sings a spirited version of her hit song,
"Paradise is here."  As the show draws to a close, they sing "The Shoop Shoop
Song."  Which is really nice!

"Cher" Video Collection #6

1."Entertainment Tonight" features several interviews with Cher and Demi Moore, along
with the cast, of the exceptional film, "If these walls could talk."  Speaking from the heart, 
Cher discusses her reason for taking on the project, and why it hits close to home.

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with all of the stars of the film, "If these walls 
could talk" during it's premiere in New York City.  

3.  As the film opened in Los Angeles, Cher arrived with Rob by her side.  Whereas
they could have focused on the film, "Entertainment Tonight" decided to pursue
the relationship that once existed between Cher and Rob.

4.  "E" News Daily touched upon current trend of actors, stepping into the role of
"film director."  During this particular moment, they feature a short moment with Cher.

5.  Although she didn't win a "Golden Globe" for her role in the film, "If these
walls could talk," Cher was on hand for the evening.

6.  "Entertainment Tonight" visited with all of the stars, as they strolled
down the red carpet, on their way to the "Golden Globes."  
Cher looks simply fabulous!  
7.  Dipping into the past, "Entertainment Tonight" featured a host of stars,
as they partied the night away at "Studio 54."

8.  "Entertainment Tonight" visited with all of the stars, on hand for a special
tribute to Gianni Versace.  Cher looks simply radiant!

9.  Sadly, the next few moments within the collection, reflect upon Sonny's death,
and the friends and family, he left behind.  Later in the program, "Entertainment Tonight"
presented an earlier interview with Chastity, where she discusses her relationship 
with her father.

10.  Reflecting upon his life and career, "Entertainment Tonight" devoted a good share
of their program to the talented performer, that we all knew as Sonny.  Upon learning the news,
Cher is shown leaving London, for the flight home to California.  Dipping into the archives
they present an interview from the past, which clearly showed how much Sonny and Cher
loved one another.


11.  During a private memorial for Sonny, his family and a few friends, honor his memory.
Later in the program, "Entertainment Tonight" pulled several interviews from the past, to
provide us with more of an insight, into their life and career together.

12.  It's hard not to be deeply touched as Cher remembers Sonny during his funeral.  Speaking
from the heart, she confesses he was the "Most Interesting Character" she ever met.
Throughout the rest of the program from MSNBC, "Remembering Sonny Bono" they touch
upon his life and career in great detail.

13.  "Entertainment Tonight" was on hand for Sonny's funeral, along with many
others who loved and admired him greatly.  Later in the program, they feature
a profile of Sonny's wife, Mary.
14.  Continuing the special project that Sonny started, Mary makes a special announcement 
at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

15.  On a more lighthearted note, Cher makes a splendid appearance, as one of
the guests on hand for "An Audience with Elton John."  Throughout the program,
Elton visits with his guests, and even performs with a few of them.  Because the
show was taped before a "live" audience, Elton displays a playfulness with his
guests, that may seem a little out of character.  Especially when he greets Cher!
"Hello you, old bag!"  Of course, it's all fun!  And Cher dishes it right back!

16.  Reflecting upon her "life and career" in great detail, Cher visits with Jane
Pauley during an exceptional interview from "Dateline."  Always known for her
incredible "insight" this particular moment, finds her speaking out on many
subjects:  her fame, the men in her life, the projects she had undertaken,
and what we can expect in the future.

17.  Skipping through the years, with an assortment of interviews from "The Today Show"
Archives, we are treated to an exceptional "Time and Again" with the one and only Cher!
It's interesting watching her change from year to year!  And the individual "interview"
segments are wonderful!


18.  "Entertainment Tonight" visited with all of the stars, on hand for the 1998
Academy Awards.  As always, Cher looks wonderfu!

19.  In keeping with the event, "Access Hollywood" presented their own special
coverage of the "Academy Awards."  Once again, Cher simply shines!
Later in the program, they caught up with Cher at the Vanity Fair party!
"Cher" Video Collection #7
1.  After the death of Sonny, reports surfaced that Cher had consulted
a physic, in the hopes of reaching her loved one.  During this particular moment
from "Inside Edition" they reflect upon the idea, that she may have spoken to
famous physic, James Van Praagh.

2.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher at the GLAAD Media Awards,
as she was honored for her work on behalf of the Gay and Lesbian Community.
Dressed in a "beautiful" evening gown, Cher simply sparkles!  She looks absolutely
gorgeous!  During the interview segment, she shares with us, her thoughts on
learning that Chastity was gay, which seemed to difficult for her to accept.

3.  With an upcoming special devoted to Sonny in the works, "Entertainment
Tonight" visits with Cher, as she returns to the same studio, where her and
Sonny filmed their television series.

4.  "Access Hollywood" was also on hand, while Cher filmed her special
devoted to Sonny.  This is another "exceptional" moment, with the talented
star!  She looks simply wonderful!

5.  With her tribute "Sonny and Me" nearly finished, Cher steps back into the
spotlight, with an in depth interview in TV Guide.  Within the article they mention
that she consulted famous physic, James Van Praagh, who is interviewed during
this particular episode of "Entertainment Tonight."

6.  In the past few years, "Entertainment Tonight" has clearly stepped into the
one minute "soundbyte" mode, with a single interview broken down into multiple,
separate interviews.  Which is very annoying.  Once again, they return to the
essence of the previous interview, and give us another moment with Cher.

7.  "Entertainment Tonight" gives us another glimpse into Cher's upcoming special,
devoted to Sonny.


8.  Once again, "Entertainment Tonight" returns to the set, where Cher is filming her
tribute to Sonny.  After the typical recap, they add just enough to make this 
latest interview "fresh."  This time around they feature a few moments with Cher,
as she is honored, along with Sonny, with their "Star" on Hollywood Boulevard.

9.  Stopping by the set of the "Tonight Show" Cher visits with Jay Leno, about her
upcoming special devoted to Sonny.  Throughout the interview, they show many clips
from the "Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour" and Cher talks about each of them.  On a side
note, Jay asks her about her reading with James Van Praagh, the famous physic.

10.  Making a special appearance on the "Rosie O'Donnell Show" Cher stops by
for a delightful visit with the popular daytime host.  With her special devoted to Sonny
ready to air, Cher talks mainly about her life with Sonny.  Because Rosie has received
an advance copy of the show, she is able to touch upon many of the "highlights" of
the program, and so her questions bring out the best in Cher!

11.  Appearing on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee" Cher is clearly making the
rounds, to promote her special, "Sonny and Me."  As always, it's great seeing her!

12.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher as she stopped by the "Tonight
Show" with Jay Leno.  In all of my years of watching the assorted "news" programs, this is
the first time I've ever seen a camera crew waiting at the stage door of the "Tonight Show"
as the celebrity arrives.  During this particular moment, they feature a "backstage" interview
with Cher, as she prepares to visit with Jay.  In talking about her special, "Sonny and Me"
Cher goes on the defense, when it's been suggested that she is using this "tribute" to gain
publicity for herself.  She also talks about several other things.

13.  After so many assorted interviews and reflections upon their relationship, both
on the stage and in their personal lives, the real story comes to light in "Sonny and Me:
Cher Remembers."  Throughout the hour, Cher presents so many images and stories of
her life with Sonny, that it's very touching!  As the show draws to a close, Cher sings
an "exceptional" ballad, devoted to Sonny, which brings a tear to the eye.
This is one special, you truly don't want to miss!

14.  "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher on the set of her next movie,
"Tea with Mussollini."  Looking rather "dressed down" as she prepares for her
next scene, Cher speaks her mind, on the upcoming television movie, based
on Sonny's book.
15.  During a second part of their interview with Cher, "Entertainment Tonight"
features more of their conversation with the talented superstar.


Please note, due to a problem with my "video capture card" the 
"photo snaps" below do not reflect the quality of the material, contained
within this followup to the collection.  At a later date, I will be replacing
these photos, so it represents the true quality of these moments.


Cher Video Collection #8

1.  "Bravo Profile" of Cher on the Southbank show.
An exceptional hour!  Filled with so many images and photos of Cher,
that it's unbelievable!  From the past to the present!


2. Chastity and Cher on the Oprah Winfrey Show, talking about her new book,
"Family Outing."


3.  Appearing on the Academy Awards 2000, Cher presents "Best Song."


4. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights, famed physic, James Van Praagh,
who had a reading with Cher.


5. "Entertainment Tonight" joined a celebrities at a party hosted by 
Jack Nicholson's daughter.


6. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the stars, as they gathered
in Hollywood to honor the President, Clinton.


7.  Emmy Awards, Cher is up for her special, this is where the "blonde" thing
started, she loses and look on her face is one of shock; later she spoofs the loss by
saying, that she was upset, and then she being a blonde, "I forgot."  Which is hilarious!


8. "Entertainment Tonight" caught up with Cher as she performs,
"If I could turn back time" and "Believe" for Presidential candidate Al Gore.

9. Covering the Emmy Awards, "Entertainment Tonight" visits with Cher,
BOTH before the show, and then afterwards, when she has become a "blonde!"


10. Entertainment Tonight is on hand, when Anne Heche is honored, and
Cher is also in attendance.


11. "Entertainment Tonight" detailed the election results, and the
stars who supported them.  Cher is featured.


12. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlighted the makeup talents of Kevin Aucion. 


13.  Appearing on Wil and Grace, Cher makes a splendid appearance!


14. Sharing her thoughts with us, upon the 50th Anniversary of "I love Lucy"
Cher talks fondly of her admiration for Lucy!


15. E.T. covers the lawsuit against Cher, by a worker who had
done some work on her Malibu home.


16. "Entertainment Tonight" spotlights, Eros' duet with Cher.



Cher Video Collection # 9


1.  Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cher, upon the
release of her new cd, "Living Proof." 


2.  Unfortunately, a sign of the times:  VH1 presents a "VERY" short interview with
Cher, upon the release of her new cd, "Living Proof."  Afterwards they present the
video, "A song for the lonely."


3.  In perhaps one of her most revealing interviews to date, 
ABC's PrimeTime Thursday, presents an "exceptional" interview with Cher!


4. Appearing on the "American Music Awards" Cher performs a rousing
rendition of her newest hit, "A song for the lonely."


5.  With a new cd in the stores, Cher stops by the "Today Show" for a
great interview!


6.  Appearing on the  "Rosie O'Donnell Show" Cher performs "A song for the
lonely" and talks about her new release.  They touch upon many things.


7.  Entertainment Tonight spotlights the "Love Rocks" benefit in Los Angeles,
where Cher performs "I got you babe" with the lead singer from R.E.M.


8.  Performing a wonderful rendition of her hit, "A song for the lonely"
Cher stops by the set of the Late Show with David Lettermen.


9. Entertainment Tonight catches up with Cher at the Roxy nightclub.


10.  Entertainment Tonight spotlights Cher upcoming appearance
on the VH1's special, "Divas Las Vegas."


11.  Entertainment Tonight mention of Cher's appearance at the MTV Icon
benefit in New York.


12. "Entertainment Tonight" covers the upcoming "American Bandstand Special."
Throughout several individual "Entertainment Tonight" programs, they presented
bits and pieces of "the original" interview, "five and ten second soundbytes!"
Not really enough to even justify recording.  But here's a few of them.


13.  Another sign of the times, keeping the viewer tuned in, while you wait for the main guest of 
honor to appear!  Ten minutes to the end of the hour, Cher appears on Jay Leno's 
10th Anniversary show, to perform a rousing rendition of "A song for the lonely."


14.  With news of his death, Entertainment Tonight spotlighted the
talented Kevin Aucoin.


15. Appearing on "Wil and Grace" Cher makes a second appearance, but this time
she's playing "God."  Which is hilarious!


16.  Taking to the stage, Cher performs "A different kind of love song" on
the American Bandstand Special.


17.  The Country Music Channel dips into the past, to present a favorite from the
70's, Glen Campbell's "Good Time Hour."  Among his guests:  "Cher!"
Cher Video Collection # 10


1.  Appearing the Oprah show, Cher performs "A song for the lonely" and her smash
hit, "Believe."  Throughout this exceptional hour, she talks about many things; including
her new cd, "Living Proof."


2.  ABC decided to rebroadcast their "Primetime Thursday" interview from earlier, but
they have added some additional scenes of Cher, taken from the photo shoot of her
new video.


3.  Entertainment Tonight's coverage of Cher's Farewell Tour.


4.  More coverage of Cher's Farewell Tour, by Entertainment Tonight.  Scenes from
the concert, and a backstage interview.


5.  Entertainment Tonight spotlights the current issue of Arch. Digest, which
features Cher's home in Malibu.


6.  Entertainment Tonight visits with Cyndi Lauper, who is on tour with Cher.


7.  Entertainment Tonight talks to Chastity about her new book.


8. VH1 Spotlights:  TV's Greatest Moments with Cher!  They present more of the
interview that Cher gave earlier for the release of her new cd, "Living Proof."  This
hour long special covers all of Cher's most outrageous moments from television.


9.  Sounding off against the critics that have been after her for decades, Cher has
more than a few words for them, during this "defining" moment from the Billboard Awards.


10.  Entertainment Tonight caught up with Cher, backstage at the Billboard Awards.
In addition to going after the critics, she has more than a few words for Michael Jackson.
The "Cher" Video Archive continues . . . with a very
special section devoted to ALL of her interviews, personal
appearances, and musical performances surrounding the
hit recording "BELIEVE!"  It contains EVERYTHING! 
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"Thank you"
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All these moments from the past.
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Throughout the years, I've
shared many of these clips from my collection
with my friends.  They have always been astounded by all the appearances
that I was able to record.  To ensure the highest quality possible, I use a 
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