The "Bette Midler" Collector's Club!
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" Welcome! "

The "Bette Midler" Collector's Club offers many different items,
all associated with the "Divine Miss M."

Essentially this is the "foundation" of the website.  I know after you finish
looking through all of the categories listed below, you'll be asking yourself:  "Where
did this guy come from?  He's collected a tremendous amount of merchandise."
I know it's going to seem rather hard to believe, but I think you'll
understand why, after I explain.

About four years ago, I started this project because no one else
was even remotely offering anything associated with Bette Midler.
In the beginning, I considered it a "compliment" when I started
to hear from a few of the fans, and they all said the same thing
"It's about time, someone did something for Bette."
Over the years, I had video taped nearly all of her appearances, since the
mid-80's, and I thought it would be nice to have all of those assorted interviews, and
guest appearances, together in one place.  The idea of putting these "video collections"
together came to me after looking through a collector's magazine called "Goldmine."
Towards the back of that publication, you could find probably "everything" you ever
wanted.  The list of "things for sale" was endless!
Photos, video tapes, audio material, magazines, posters . . . "Everything!"
When I noticed that a good share of the material on many of the
well-known celebrities was basically the same as what I had in my
own collection, I figured "I could be doing the same thing."
Sure in the beginning, the thought of making some extra money
seemed to be my main motivation ~ but I soon found out, that
everyone else had the exact same material as myself.

However, I soon learned that it was more "true" for them, than it was for me!  I was
missing quite a few things from the mid-to-late 70's, that I was "finally" able to get from
the individuals that were writing to me!  So my perspective on the whole project changed
from that moment on . . . it wasn't about "what I could make" but rather
"what I could share with others."

In all honesty, before I even embarked on this whole idea, I spent nearly two months
considering whether I should do this or not, because I didn't want to get myself into any
sort of trouble, providing this material.  But then a friend of mine, explained it this way:
"Because no one else is doing anything for Bette, you'd be providing an interest in
her that is missing.  So many of her fans, especially the newer ones, haven't seen any
of these interviews, and so you'd be adding a depth to their individual 'understanding'
of her, that they wouldn't have had otherwise. "

When he explained it that way, I began to look at the whole idea differently.
He was completely "right."  And I'm incredibly "Thankful!" for his insight.

I have met some really wonderful individuals through this project
that will be with me for a "lifetime!"

* * *  You know who you are! * * *

In putting this website together, I decided that I needed to take a closer look
at those "video collections" because it had been quite some time since I last
viewed any of them.  When I assembled those moments, I used a mini-editor, which
allowed me to create more color in some instances, less in others; plus I could increase
the sharpness; and fade the picture from one clip into the next.  Although that sounds
rather inviting, I feel that some of the choices that I made at "that time" are not
necessarily what I would do today.

So I've started to re-assemble these moments from the past.  
Currently, you'll find "four" of the video collections available.  
As time permits, I'll be adding more!  
So please stay tuned.

I would also like to mention that I purchased a "dual deck vcr" last year, that allows
me to make an exact duplicate of any VHS tape, that I might want to copy, without
any loss of "quality."  In light of this newfound technology, some of those early
clips will benefit greatly from the idea of being able to transfer the material in this
manner.  As well, as the tapes that you might want to add to your collection.  Since
this unit makes an exact duplicate, the image that you receive is the same as it
appears in my own collection.

In addition to the moments on video, the categories below contain an amazing
collection of photos, movie posters, music, presskits, lobby cards, stills,
books, and magazines . . . to name just a few of things
you can add to your collection.

to the
"Collector's Club"

All items sold "Collector to Collector"
with no rights given or implied.

At this time, I would like to personally "Thank" all the "Wonderful"
individuals that I've met through this "extraordinary project!"
For all the advice, support, and guidance.
"Thank you so very much!"

~ Nathalie ~
You have been such a very special friend to me, and my words will never
be able to express, how grateful I am for your friendship.
You have been there for me, from the very beginning, with your unwavering support
not only with this project, but whenever I needed a friend.
From the heart, "Thank you" so very, very much!