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"I'm Beautiful"
CD Maxi Single & Vinyl
2 Lp Set ~ Sealed
7 Different
Mixes on each!
"Bette" was listed as #20 on the chart of "Hot Dance Club Artists" of 1999.
The Club version of her song, "I'm beautiful" earned the 8th spot on the
"Hot Dance Club Singles" for the year.
In terms of overall sales, "I'm beautiful" was #43 on the list of 
"Top Maxi-Singles" for the year.

"My One True Friend"
Import Release!
Besides the title track, this
import single contains
the "unreleased" track

"To Deserve You"
CD Maxi Single ~ Sealed
5 Different Mixes!


"In This Life"
Cassette Single ~ Sealed

"Great Picture Sleeve!"

"Some People's Lives" "Mud will be flung tonight"
"Divine Madness"
Limited Edition Vinyl ~ Sealed!

"Divine Madness" contains a full-sized picture sleeve inside!

"Specialty Items"

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Bette Midler "Remixed" and "Remodeled" 
"Remixes, Unreleased Tracks, and Cover Versions"
Compact Disc #1
1.  It's gonna take a miracle ~ Bette with The Manhattan Transfer
2.  Up! Up! Up! ( Unreleased Track ) Bette with The Manhattan Transfer
3.  Cowgirl Dream ( "Jinxed" ) Bette Midler
4.  Thirty Years of Laughs and Tears ( "Jinxed" ) Bette Midler
5.  No Jinx ( "Jinxed" ) Bette Midler
6.  Under the Boardwalk ~ Lynn Anderson
7.  Moonlight Dancing ( Club Mix with additional intro ) Bette
8.  I know you by heart ( Mini-moment ) Bette
9.  Wind beneath my wings ( NRGized Mix ) Baccara
10.  I'm beautiful ( Brinsley Evans 'Back to the Scene of the Crime' Mix )
11.  I put a spell on you ( "Hocus Pocus" ) Bette Midler
12.  Optimistic Lullaby ~ Bette Midler with Meco
13.  One more cheer ( "Stella" ) Bette
14.  From a distance ~ Harajuku
15.  To deserve you ( 12'' Definitive Mix ) Deja Vu
16.  Married Men ~ Bonnie Tyler
17.  Breaking up somebody else's home ~ Millie Jackson
18.  You don't own me ( "First Wives Club" ) Bette Midler
Compact Disc #2
1.  Under the Boardwalk ( New Mix ) Bette Midler
2.  Strike while it's hot ~ Bette Midler with Dan Hicks and Hot Licks
3.  From a distance ~ Nanci Griffith, Raul Malo, and Donna Summer
4.  Heaven ( Unreleased Track ) Bette Midler
5.  God help the Outcasts ~ Bette Midler
6.  God give me strength ~ Elvis Costello
7.  "Bette Midler" mixed with Grace Jones
8.  I'm beautiful ( "Direct Hit" Remix ) Bette Midler
9.  To deserve you ( Mighty Trance Mix ) Deja Vu
10.  Do you wanna dance ( Eurobeat Extended Mix ) Marina
11.  Wind beneath my wings ( Heartstrings Mix ) Baccara
12. ~ 15.  Oprah interviews "Bette Midler"
16.  Rainbow Sleeves ~ Rickie Lee Jones
Compact Disc #3
1.  Wind beneath my wings ( Extended Mix ) Menage
2.  Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy ( King B Vocal Mix ) Company B
3.  One monkey don't stop no show ( "Live" from the Hard Rock Cafe ) Bette
4.  I thought you like to see mine . . . 
5.  From a distance ( "Live" ) Cliff Richard
6.  VH1 Honors Program
7.  To deserve you ( "Live" from VH1 Honors Program ) Bette
Let it be me ~ Bette with Wynonna Judd
8.  Moonlight Dancing ( Club Mix / Vinyl Recording ) Bette
9.  In these shoes ( "Live" from the Late Show ) Bette
10.  You belong to me ( Mini-moment ) Bette
11.  To deserve you ( "DiscoTech" Remix ) Bette Midler
12.  A dream is a wish your heart makes ~ Cher
13.  Heaven ~ Patti LuPone
14.  Somewhere in my memory ~ Bette Midler
15.  Somewhere along the way ~ Bette Midler

"Diva Las Vegas"
In Concert from the MGM Grand
Two Compact Discs ~ This particular recording was taken directly from a
"satellite" unit.  Because the signal was transmitted "digitally" the quality is
absolutely terrific!  It's of the highest quality possible!  Crisp and clear!  When
the special was broadcast, I recorded the show onto two "mini-discs" which
retained the level of "quality."  From there, I placed the music onto compact disc.  
I can't tell you how many times I have listened to this show!
It's absolutely the best!


For the Boys ~ Recording Session