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"Collection # 1"

1.  Opening her very "first" show, Dolly performs a spirited version of "Bubblin' Over."
She has never looked or sounded better!  After the break, Dolly welcomes Dudley
Moore to the set, for a segment titled "Dolly's Date."  Which is really cute!  As you
know, Dolly is always "news" when it comes to the tabloids.  Taking a cue from one
of their stories, Dolly proves them right by falling for Hulk Hogan.  Stepping into the
ring, she's put together a "music video" of sorts, titled "Head lock on my heart."
Returning from the break, Dolly joins the vocal group "Acapella" for a wonderful
rendition of "Do I ever cross your mind."  Which is simply the best!  After a quick
costume change, Dolly visits the set of "Pee Wee's Playhouse" for a segment
with it's star!  "Pee Wee Herman"  Together the two of them sing, "Hey good
lookin'" which is quite cute!  After the break, Dolly returns to the spotlight, for
a beautiful rendition of "Someone to watch over me."  She's looks absolutely
gorgeous!  Returning to the main stage, Dolly welcomes Oprah Winfrey to the
show, for a light hearted comedy sketch, that finds Dolly auditioning for the lead
role in "Porgy and Bess."  Politely, Oprah tries to tell her, that she's just not right
for the part.  Determined to not give up, Dolly returns several times!  During a
segment titled, "My Tennessee Mountain Home" Dolly shares with us, the story
of her "Coat of many colors."  With guitar in hand, she performs the song, we all
know so well.  Returning from the break, Dolly suggests we "Look on the bright
side" the shortest song she ever wrote!  During an upclose "question and answer"
segment, Dolly spends a little time with the audience.  As Dolly welcomes Oprah to
the stage, the two ladies perform together during a spirited gospel number, titled
"This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine."  Drawing the show to a close,
Dolly performs "I will always love you."


2.  Looking simply radiant Dolly opens the show with a rousing rendition of
"Let me walk in the sunshine of your smile."  ( you'll have to excuse me, if I don't
have the title right )  As always, Dolly charms the audience with her home spun 
humor!  After the break, it's date night again!  Bruce Willis is "Dolly's Date" this week!
Returning to her Tennessee roots, Dolly welcomes "Linda Ronstadt" and "Emmylou
Harris" to the show, for a wonderful performance.  Starring in a new segment titled,
"Dixie's Place" Dolly runs a cafe that allows her to touch upon her acting a little bit, 
while helping some of the patrons that happen to wander in.  After sending a young
girl on her way, Dolly sings "Hollywood Potters," as she touches upon the dreams that
we all share.  During a special "Out n' About" with Dolly, she visits famed New York City!
Returning to the set, Dolly fields questions from the audience, which is always a treat!
Closing the show, she sings a few bars of "I will always love you."


3.  For years we've all wondered, what does Dolly look like with her "real hair?"
Well, during the opening segment, she jokes that she better get out of the bathtub and
get a wig on, before she wrecks her image!  After a spirited musical number, and a quick
chat with the audience, Dolly welcomes "Patrick Duffy" to the set, for another segment
of "Dolly's Date."  Which is really cute!  Of course, Dolly looks great!  Returning from the
break, Dolly joins the vocal group "Acappella" for the song, "Shattered my image with the
stones I throw."  Which carries with it, an interest message.  After a sensational 
performance by Patti LaBelle, the two ladies share a few minutes together.  Returning
from the break, we are treated to an exceptional segment from "Dixie's Place" where
Dolly and Christine Ebersole share old memories and heartfelt song, "Sitting on the front
porch swing."  With her guitar in hand, Dolly returns after the break, to perform another
favorite, during her Tennessee Mountain Home segment.  Welcoming a group of jugglers
to the show, Dolly sings a "scared" version of "Great Balls of Fire" as she stands in the 
center of them, while they toss flame lit batons back and forth!  It's really cute!
After the break, Dolly joins Patti LaBelle for a rousing gospel number, which brings
us to the end of the show.  In closing, Dolly sings a few bars of "I will always love you."


"Collection # 2"


1.  Opening the show with a rousing rendition of "How does it feel" ( to know that someone
loves you ), Dolly simply shines!  She looks absolutely radiant!  After the break, Dolly joins
Kermit the Frog, for a really cute sketch, which includes the two of them singing "Everyday
People."  Welcoming the "Oak Ridge Boys" to the stage, they perform one of their hit songs,
"This crazy love."  During a "new" segment titled, "Vanity Fair" Delta Burke asks Dolly to get
her ready for a beauty pageant, where she is going to be one of the judges.  Another really
"cute" moment!  Returning to "Dixie's Place" Dolly welcomes an old flame back into her life,
which stirs the heart, with "Not even love can change a cowboy's dreams."  After the
break, Dolly visits with "The Oak Ridge Boys" and they sing together.  As in the past,
Dolly closes the show with "I will always love you."

2.  During the first of several programs filmed outside of the studio, Dolly returns home for 
"A Tennessee Mountain Thanksgiving."  Throughout the hour, family and friends share their love
and admiration for Dolly, which is really touching.  Dolly visits with many of her former classmates,
and then performs "Mountain Magic" in honor of the occasion.  After the break, Dolly takes us to
"Dollywood!"  Stepping to the stage, she sings a spirited version of "Rocky Top."  Which is always
a favorite.  Singing a selection for her daddy, Dolly and members of her family perform, "In the 
pines."  Perhaps the most heartwarming moment of the program, is when Dolly joins her mother
and father, on the front porch of the place she called "home."  Reflecting upon the old days,
Dolly shares a few of her thoughts, and performs the song "When times were bad."  Returning
to "Dollywood" we are reminded of how folks survived, during the hard times, as they perfected
their handi-crafts.  With Stella and Brenda at her side, Dolly joins her sisters, as they sing
"On top of old Smokey."  Surrounded by her family, Dolly wishes us a "Happy Thanksgiving"
as the program draws to a close. 


3.  Looking absolutely gorgeous, Dolly opens the show with a wonderful rendition
of "Could I have your autograph."  Which is very nice!  Dolly mentions that she has
always wanted to perform the song!  After the break, Dolly has a run in with one of
her guests!!!  Putting Miss Piggy in her place, Dolly reclaims her place as "Star of the
Show."  Together, the two of them sing a song about "Friendship."  Returning from
the break, Dolly welcomes "Juice Newton" to the program, who performs a brand new
selection, titled "Tell me."  Blending their voices together, the two ladies sing a 
spirited version of "Ride em' cowboy."  Stopping by "Dixie's Place" we are treated
to a wonderful moment, as Jerry Reed plays an old friend from the past.  After learning
that things aren't going as well as expected, Dixie encourages him to look on the 
brighter side, while she sings "I'm down."  Returning from the break, Miss Piggy
steps into the spotlight - momentary - during what would have been Dolly's solo
number.  Quickly, the producer steps in, and tells her that they've cut her 
performance, and that everyone is waiting at "Dolly's Place."  Returning to the
stage, Dolly visits with the audience, and then joins Juice Newton and Jerry Reed
on an old favorite.  In closing the show, Dolly sings "I will always love you."

"Collection # 3"

1.  Changing things a little bit, Dolly opens the show from the set of "Dolly's Place" 
with a rousing rendition of "Two doors down."  Dolly looks wonderful!  After spending some
time with the audience, Dolly joins her "Accappella" group for a spirited version of "This
old house."  Welcoming "The Smothers Brothers" to the stage, the talented duo perform a
song especially written for Dolly!  After the break, Willie Nelson steps to the stage for a very
special rendition of "Stardust memories."  Afterwards, the two stars visit and perform 
several of Willie's biggest hits.  Returning to Dolly's Place, "The Smothers Brothers" perform
another selection.  As the show draws to a close, Dolly welcomes all of her guests on stage
as they perform "To all the girls I've loved before."  Saying goodbye, Dolly sings a few
bars of "I will always love you."

2.  Returning to perhaps one of her best loved Christmas selections, Dolly sings a
delightful version of "I'll be home with bells on" for her Holiday episode.  With Mac Davis
and Burl Ives as her special guests, we're ready for a special down home country 
Christmas!  When it comes to celebrating the holidays, nobody does it better than Dolly!
Recapturing a moment from her past, Dolly takes us back to the year, when her Daddy
could only afford one present, which turned out to be a wedding ring for their mother.
It's easy to see why Dolly "remembers Mom and Dad."  At Christmas time, everyone
becomes a kid again, and this particular episode of "Dolly" is filled with children!  And
puppets too!  Which either represents the type of entertainment in the late 80's, or 
perhaps they are there because of the children.  After the previous episodes, this one
seems like quite a departure, from the rest.  Returning to a more adult theme, Dolly
takes us back to her early years in Nashville, where she meets a young gentleman, 
who happens to be Mac Davis, and they perform "I'll be home for Christmas."  After
the break, we catch up with Dixie and her guests, as they celebrate at the local diner.
When two strangers suddenly appear, the true meaning of the Christmas comes to
light, with a little help from a friendly spirit.  As the show draws to a close, Dolly and
the rest of her guests, perform a medley of holiday favorites!  Drawing the show to
a close, Dolly performs "Once upon a Christmas."  


3.  Opening the show from the set of "Dolly's Place" we are treated to a
wonderful version of Dolly's classic hit, "Nine to Five."  As always, Dolly never
looked or sounded better!  After the break, Dolly welcomes Joe Piscopo to the
stage, for a delightful segment.  The real highlight of the program however, is
the appearance of the First Lady of Country Music, "Tammy Wynette."  Performing
her newest hit, "Talking to myself" this is truly one of those great moments in
country music.  Joining her on stage, Dolly provides background vocals on many
of Tammy's greatest hits, "Stand by your man" "Apartment #9" "DIVORCE" "I don't
want to play house" and "Your good girls gonna go bad."  It truly doesn't get any
better than this!  Stopping by "Dixie's Place" we are treated to another moment,
in which Dixie helps those in need.  Sometimes it's just a listening ear, or a reminder
that we all have dreams, and the need to be loved.  As Dixie prepares to close the
diner for the night, she sings "Heartache Express."  Earlier Dolly mentioned that she
would try and get Bruce Springsteen on the program, which you may remember.  As 
the lights dim, Joe Piscopo returns to the stage dressed as the famed "rock n' roller."
With Dolly by his side, we are treated to an interesting duet of "I'm on fire."
Complete with the "real thing!"  As the show begins to wind down, Ricky Skaggs
takes to the stage and performs one of his hits, and then a duet with Dolly.
Followed by the grand finale' that welcomes all of Dolly's guests back to the
stage.  Tammy looks simply sensational!  Closing the show, Dolly sings our
favorite, "I will always love you."  
"Collection # 4"

1.  Kicking things off to a rousing start, Dolly performs a spirited version of
"Jolene."  Which is always an audience favorite!  Welcoming Mary to the
stage, Dolly jokes that the two of them together have more curves than a country 
road!  After the break, Merle Haggard performs a wonderful selection, "Twinkle 
Twinkle Lucky Star."  With Dolly by his side and providing vocals, Merle touches upon 
some of his greatest hits.  As promised earlier, Mary returns to the stage to perform.
I have to say, it's been years since I've watched any of these shows, and so I was 
kind of "surprised" by Mary's selection:  the theme from "Footloose."  After the break,
Dolly welcomes Brett Butler to the stage, for a very funny comedy routine.  It's easy
to see what was coming next, in her future.  Singing "Strangers again" Holly Dunn is
welcomed to the stage, as one of Dolly's guests.  After a short visit, Dolly joins Holly
on the song, "Daddy's hands."  As the show draws to a close, Dolly asks everyone
to join her on stage, for the classic song, "Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms."
Closing the show, Dolly sings "I will always love you."  


2.  With Kenny Rogers by her side, Dolly opens the show with a wonderful
rendition of "Islands in the Stream."  It's always a pleasure seeing the two of them
together!  With her Birthday only a few days away, the cast "surprises" Dolly with a
cake, complete with all the candles!  Which is very funny!  After the break, Dolly
presents her brand new video, "The River Unbroken."  Returning to the stage,
Kenny performs his latest song, "The Factory" which highlights the plight of the
average everyday worker.  Joining Kenny on stage, Dolly suggests that they 
perform a medley of the songs, made famous by his other duet partners.  It's
great hearing Dolly singing the parts, that we've associated so closely with 
Sheena Easton, Dottie West, and Kim Carnes.  Stopping by "Dixie's Place" we
are treated to another great moment with Dixie!  In perhaps the most touching
story yet, Dixie's father suddenly appears out of the blue.  Performing the "Sidestep"
Charles Durning takes us back to the role he played in the "Best Little Whorehouse
in Texas."  As Dolly welcomes Kenny to the stage, the three of them perform 
"Let's go out in a blaze of glory."  Closing the show, Dolly sings a few bars of her
signature hit, but something just isn't right, the band is off!  And Dolly makes the
most of it! 

3.  Looking absolutely gorgeous in a beautiful black evening gown, Dolly opens the
show with the classic hit, "Here you come again."  She has never sounded better!
I have to say, the first thing that struck me about this particular appearance was
how small her waist looks!  She's so tiny!  After the break, Dolly welcomes the
legendary Tom Jones to the show, who performs a medley of his hits.  After visiting
with him for a few minutes, the two of them sing "The green green grass of home."
As we know, Dolly always enjoys a good joke, and so she says we're in for a treat
as Paul Rodriguez steps to the stage.  After receiving numerous requests to see her
video "Headlock on my heart" again, Dolly takes us back to one of the moments from
her very first show.  Returning to the diner, Dixie runs into a high roller, played by
Lee Majors.  Taking a gamble on the drifter she lends him enough money so he can
buy a bus ticket.  By herself once again, Dixie sings, "Kentucky gambler."  As the
show draws to a close, Dolly invites all of her guests back on stage for "My soul
is a witness."  After a short break, Dolly closes the show with "I will always love you."

"Collection # 5"

1.  Returning to "Dolly's Place" our host sets the place on fire, with a rousing
rendition of "Baby, I'm burning."  Dressed in a beautiful rhinestone gown,
Dolly looks simply gorgeous!  After spending a few minutes with the audience
Glen Campbell steps to the stage to perform the hit song, "Tell them I'll
remember."  When Dolly joins him, she suggests that they sing "Amazing Grace"
while he plays the bagpipes.  After the break, Dolly introduces the very
funny Pam Matheson, who mixes "voices" with "comedy" and the result is
simply hilarious!  Stopping by "Dixie's Diner" we catch Dixie visiting with Lee
Horsley, as they recall the past, and the dreams they shared.  Together the
two of them perform "Let it be me."  After the break, Dolly welcomes Brenda
Lee to the stage.  She sings "I can't help it, if I'm still in love with you."  
After her song, Dolly and Glen join her on stage, to perform a medley of their
hits!  Which we all know so well.  Far too many to list!  Closing the show, 
Dolly performs a few bars of "I will always love you."


2.  Perhaps one of the most beautiful and spectacular episodes of "variety television"
occurred when Dolly visited the Hawaiian Islands.  Throughout this "splendid" hour, Dolly
shares with us, the "Hawaiian Spirit" with all of it's beauty and traditions.  Upon hearing
the legend of one of the rulers of the islands, Dolly blends her classic song, "I will always
love you" with a traditional Hawaiian ballad, to tell the tale of a love that was lost.  
 Unbeknownst to many, a good share of the people that live on the islands, reside on 
ranches out in the countryside.  Singing the classic hit, "Cowboy's Sweetheart" Dolly
shows us, that there is very little difference between what we call the "West" and the
islands.  After the break, Dolly sings a song dedicated to one of the Volcano goddess'.  
While in Hawaii, Dolly opened her very own restaurant, called "Dockside Plantation."
Which features some of the local talent, including "Danny Couch."  While there Dolly
sings a delightful song, devoted to the "Hawaiian Nightlife."  Dressed an beautiful
Hawaiian outfit, Dolly and some of the local entertainers of the island, entertain a
group of family and friends, at a traditional Hawaiian festival.  Which is very nice!
As the show draws to a close, Dolly invites a group of children to sing with her, as
she sings "How great thou art."


3.  Returning to the mainland, Dolly opens her show with a spirited version of the
hit song, "All that I can do."  Which has always been a personal favorite!  After a
short question and answer segment, Dolly is "surprised" by Tom Selleck!  Returning
from the break, Dolly welcomes her good friend, Barbara Mandrell to the show.  
Performing her new hit single, Barbara confirms what we have always known, 
"Angels love bad men."  Returning from the break, Dolly introduces Smokey Robinson
who sings his latest release.  But perhaps the most surprising moment occurs when
Dolly presents her brand new video, "I know you by heart."  Which is the second
video from her new album, and it teams her up with Smokey Robinson.  Dressed
in her old high school cheerleading outfit, Dixie attends her high school "reunion"
and catches up with her old friend, Dottie.  Who is played by Barbara.  After 
running into an old rival, the girls have a splendid time, putting her in her place!
As Dixie and Dottie consider their friendship, they sing a delightful version of
"Just the way you are."  Joining "The Temptations" on stage, Dolly trades off and
on with them, during the song "My Girl - My Guy."  Followed by with a selection by
Smokey Robinson.  As the show draws to a close, Barbara joins them for a 
rousing version of the hit song, "Get Ready."  What follows with all of them on
stage is nothing short of a "Motown Revue!"  Closing the show, Dolly returns
with her signature "goodbye." 

"Collection # 6"

1.  Kicking things into high gear, Dolly opens the show with a rousing rendition of
the classic song, "Higher and Higher!"  It doesn't get any better than this!  Dressed
in her red sequined evening gown, Dolly looks absolutely sensational!  As you know, 
at the start of every show, Dolly accepts questions from the audience.  When a young 
gentleman asked her, "what advice would you give to kids today?"  You'll never
believe her response!  After the break, Dolly welcomes the many "voices" of Rich
Little to the stage.  Followed by a heartfelt performance by Randy Travis, who sings
"I told you so."  Joining him on stage, Dolly sings several songs with Randy.  
Tyne Daly pays a visit to "Dixie's Place" for a touching moment, that has the two
ladies sharing thoughts of the past, and loves that they have lost.  After the
break, we are joined by Mae West and W.C. Fields, and several other famous 
couples, played by you know who!  Returning to one of our favorite segments of
the show, "My Tennessee Mountain Home" Dolly sings a spirited version of 
"Wildflowers."  After a wonderful introduction by Dolly, Nell Carter takes to the
stage to sing a moving rendition of "Back in the high life again."  She looks
simply fantastic!  Feeling the spirit, Nell and Dolly perform two gospel flavored
selections:  "Operator" and "I'll fly away" which brings everyone to their feet.
As the show closes, Dolly wishes us the very best.


2.  Returning to the place where it all started, Dolly takes us home to Nashville and
the Grand Old Opry, for a very special episode of the "Dolly" show.  Opening the show
with the song, "Down on music row" we learn that if you want to be a star, that's
where you have to go.  After the break, Dolly welcomes Porter Wagoner to the stage
for a delightful "reunion."  After showing some of their more memorable moments
from the past, the talented duo perform several of the songs that made them famous.
It's clear they are having a great time together again!  A lot of great music has come
out of Nashville, and Dolly spotlights some of the writers and singers, from the past
who have added so much to our lives.  In returning to Nashville, Dolly is honored by
placing her handprints in the "Star Walk Hall of Fame."  Which is really cute!  After the
break, Dolly welcomes some of the ladies of Nashville to the show!  After a wonderful
joke by Minnie Pearl, each of the ladies share their memories of the past!  Welcoming
her sister, Stella to the stage, Dolly credits her with being the one for making our
return to Nashville possible.  Stepping into the spotlight, Stella sings "You're the 
reason."  As the show draws to a close, Dolly welcomes all the greats! to the stage!
Singing "I saw the light" Dolly says "goodnight."


3.  Joined in progress, Dolly leaps to the stage for a rousing rendition of "Star of the
Show!"  Even though she introduces all of the members of her band, it's clear to see
who is the real "Star!"  Dolly has never looked better!  Sharing the stage, Dolly introduces
her first guest!  Miss Piggy!  After the break, Dolly joins the legendary Bob Hope for a 
wonderful sketch.  With Miss Piggy by her side, Dolly welcomes the Desert Rose Band
to the stage.  When Jerry Lee Lewis takes to the stage, you know things are going to
heat up!  Joining him for a brand new song, Dolly looks wonderful!  After the break,
Dolly visits Miss Piggy on her "tour bus!"  And gives her some advice on how to be
a "true" country star!  Loretta Switt stops by "Dixie's Place" for a delightful moment
where the two old friends catch up with one another!  As the show draws to a close,
Miss Piggy returns, to show us how she has "gone country!"  Since the beginning of
her series, Dolly has received repeated requests to sing the full version of "I will
always love you."  In closing this particular show, she honors their request.

"Collection #7"

1.  "Down Home in New Orleans" finds Dolly visiting all the sights and sights of the fabled
city!  While drifting on the mighty Mississippi, Dolly treats us to a rousing version of the
hit song, "New Orleans!"  Returning to the city, Dolly joins the Dixie Cups and the Neville 
Brothers on a spirited version of the song, "Iko Iko."  It seems as if the city is "alive!" with
music!  And there are people "everywhere!"  Dressed an exquisite white evening gown, 
adorn with pearls and rhinestones, Dolly looks absolutely smashing!  Visiting the French
Quarter, Dolly allows some of the local entertainers to perform.  Including a greatl
rendition of the classic, "What a wonderful world."  Slipping into something a little more
fitting, that you'd probably find one of the ladies of "The House of the Rising Sun" 
wearing, Dolly performs a "splendid" rendition of the timeless classic!  Throughout the
rest of the hour, Dolly showcases many of the sounds of New Orleans!  Including a
spirited "Take me down to the river" with a gospel choir.  


2.  Returning to the studio, Dolly looks absolutely "fantastic!" dressed in a
beautiful emerald green evening gown!  Dipping into the past, Dolly performs
a wonderful rendition of the classic hit song, "When will I be loved."  Dolly has
never looked or sounded better!  After the break, Dolly welcomes her dear
friend, Loretta Lynn to the stage for an exceptional performance.  Afterwards,
Dolly joins her and the two of them perform a "medley" of her greatest hits.
It's wonderful seeing the two of them together!  During the "Tennessee 
Mountain Home" segment, Dolly treats us to one of her best!  "Apple Jack!"
It's always great hearing this song!  One of Dolly's former co-stars, makes
a surprise visit to "Dixie's Place."  True to the character that he played in
"Nine to Five" Dabney Coleman, decides to rob those at Dixie's Place.  As you
might imagine, he only gets so far.  Changing outfits, Dolly welcomes Mike
Snyder to the show, for a delightful performance.  As the show draws to a
close, Dolly and all her guests sing a gospel flavored number, "I shall not be
moved."  Closing the show, Dolly sings a few bars of "I will always love you."

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Due to a problem with the "Video Capture" card on my computer, the 
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the these moments.  At a later date, when I've figured out what is 
wrong with my capture device, I'll be replacing all of these photos, 
so they represent the true quality of the shows.


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Throughout the years, I've
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