If you guessed
"Patsy McClenny!"

You're Right!

Or should I say . . .
"Morgan Fairchild"

A young "Morgan Fairchild" once
asked a producer 'Why she never
got to play the good girl?'
And he said, "I can get a good
girl anywhere, but a good 'Bitch'
is hard to find!"
~ The 80's Super Vixen! ~
Before she became an over-night media sensation playing
the part of "Constance Carlyle" on "Flamingo Road" ~
Morgan's early childhood was influenced greatly by
her own self image.

"I didn't have many friends," she says.  "I just thought
there was no hope I would ever be pretty.  I overheard
one of the kids call me 'fatsy Patsy' one day."

"Because I was so shy, my mother started me in drama
classes when I was ten.  And then I started doing theater
and that sort helped bring me out.  I got contact lens,
let the hair grow in, discovered mascara ~ see!
I did have eyes!"

Personally, I find it interesting and rather hard to believe,
there ever was a time when Morgan wasn't the "beautiful,
sensual, and delightful" person that she is today!

One of the things, I've always loved about her is her
incredible laugh!  She always makes me smile!

Having followed her career for many years, I remembered
reading a very interesting story, of how she happened
to meet the legendary "Bette Davis!"

"Speaking of great talent, you just finished shooting a TV movie,
called "Hotel" with Bette Davis.  What was it like working with her?"
"That was primarily why I took the part.  I wanted to work
with Bette Davis.  I had one little scene with her, but it
was a 'scene with Bette Davis!'  She's not just a movie
star; she's one of our greatest actors.  I've been a fan
since I was a little girl.  She is perfectly meticulous.
She scares the hell out of me.

I was so intimidated.  I was in a panic.  They gave both
of us a 7:30 a.m. call.  When I got there, they told me
it only takes her 45 minutes to get made up and
ready.  She's usually out on the set before the
lighting guys are even finished setting up.
I don't know how she does it.
I can't do it."

"I said, 'Why didn't you tell me?  I can't have Bette Davis waiting for me!'
I hurried like crazy, but she was out there before I was.  Oh, no!  I thought, I've
kept 'Bette Davis' waiting.  Major panic!

The associate producer introduced us.  I turned to leave.  I got a few feet away
and heard:  'I have something to say to you!'  I froze.  I thought:  "Oh, no!  They
weren't even ready for my part.  I didn't keep her waiting.  I'm innocent!  I turned
around, and right in front of the whole cast and crew, she says:
"You are marvelous!"

And I thought, Huh?

She said, she'd seen "The Seduction" on cable TV.  I've been trying to live
that down for two years.  I said, "It's not a very good movie."  She said, "Oh, I
had to do that kind of stuff when I was starting out."

As she stood there with everyone watching, and raved about how I was, it
was like a dream, I would have had in the first grade, when I was imagining how
wonderful it would be to be a movie star, but I knew I'd never be pretty.  I mean, this
is what a little girl dreams of, but she knows it will never happen."

"I pride myself on being relatively posed.  Nothing much throws
me.  But I was speechless.  I was shaking.  I was absolutely
shaking.  I was practically in shock.  It was hard not
to cry in front of everyone.
The whole day, she was kind and encouraging and inspirational.
It sounds corny, but for this extraordinary gracious and
brilliant actor to reach out and be that nice to me, to give
so much encouragement ~ well, I'll never forget it."

After the two had wrapped up their scenes together,
Davis signed a Polaroid of the pair, for Fairchild:
"Hope we get to work together longer next time.
Your fan, Bette Davis."

Can you name the television show that both
Bette and Morgan guest starred on?

                                        Morgan's Guest List

"On 'Cybil' we played competitive
actresses on the same soap.  We got
into a catfight and I had to take a fall.
I refused a stunt double ~ I wanted
to surprise the audience."

"I loved playing
Matthew Perry's
mom, because she
was such an
to him."

"On 'Roseanne' they wanted to cast someone
as Sandra Bernhard's lover, who'd be a real
shock to viewers.  My mother loved it.
She said, "Honey, this is the biggest
stretch you'll EVER have to make!"
"While on 'Murphy Brown' I played an actress who researched her
role as a newswoman, by following
Murphy around.  That's exactly
what Candice did with Diane
Sawyer, when 'Murphy' started."

        Bette's Guest List

On the final episode of
"Murphy Brown" Bette played
"Caprice Feldmen."
The last secretary, in a long
line of famous faces, that
have come and gone!


Playing herself on "The Nanny" Bette's storyline
revolved around the benefit that she holds every
year for the "New York Restoration Project."


"The Understudy"
Hurt while playing baseball, the storyline of
"Seinfeld" finds Bette being looked after
by Kramer!
Over the years, Bette has expressed her
unfailing admiration for
"Bette Davis."

Be sure to tune in next time, when I'll be presenting
an entire page to the legendary actress!

Which will include a "surprising" moment with David Lettermen,
when he accidently introduced her as
"Bette Midler!"

You won't want to miss it!


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